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  • Broker or Dealer

    May i know what is the difference betweent broker and dealer?is a broker salary high?to be a dealer u need to have at least a degree right? :eh: :eh:

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    anyone is a broker or dealer here??heard that people in this line is very vulgar :shout: that true?


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      I used to deal directly with dealers in the treasury dept in banks. I wouldn't say they are vulgar but VERY demanding is the word. Then again, their job is highly stressful so who can blame them when they sound short-tempered.

      As they are the ones who bring in the most money in the bank, they usually have the best priviledges.


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        Arent broker and dealers the same? I've worked with dealers before during my internship and they're normally very nice and customer-oriented. It's the traders that are the vulgar ones. They also like to make the newcomers buy em kopi. But their jobs are so stressful.


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          I thk u meant difference between a remiser and a dealer?
          A dealer is hired and paid a salary by the brokerage. He or she does not take home a commission.
          A remisers is an agent of a brokerage, he or she earns the commission of their customers.


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            This is my understanding of what brokers do, is it correct?

            Brokers solicite customers, help them advise/execute in selling and buying of shares