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Pepper Lunch @ Taka Basement

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  • Pepper Lunch @ Taka Basement

    Has any tried the new fast food joint taka basement? i heard it just opened on wednesday. Opposite Yoshinoya , Beside Mos Burger. It's called Pepper Lunch.

    They serve japanese teppanyaki on hot plates. Price ranging from $8.80 onwards...comes in variety of meat combos.

    i tried with friend and SO today.... (sorry forgot to bring my digi-cam) ,
    technically works like a fast food joint.. order at the counter, then they will give you a number n direct you to your table. Service is very efficient...we order the pepper steak and beef steak. Within 5 mins, your food will arrive sizzling on your table on the hot plate... you have to mix the butter into the meat and 'cook'... You can add seasoning and sauce to it to your own preference....

    I think overall the experience is quite interesting. Can be quite expensive for fast food cos we paid like $15.80 for each pepper steak (includes drink+rice), $10.80 for beef steak (includes drink+rice). Meat are very fresh and tender...worth trying.

    share with us your experience with this new joint here!!

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    i haven't tried the outlet in SG, but i have eaten at the ones in japan.

    love the sirloin steak! so tender and marinaded nicely.

    no idea what sauces were available cos everything is in japanese so i whacked on cracked pepper and bbq and chili sauces.

    prices seem to be comparable to japan. usually i just order the steak and veggie (without rice) cos i find it filling enough.


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      i see it's similar to the express teppanyaki in foodcourt.

      does you cloth stains with the 'smell' after your meal?

      i went to sizzling rock, something similar to this, but on hot stone, and my clothes stink.. from the smoke..


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        ya clothes will stink a little after you finish eating. think its inevitable one..
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          Cool Another new eatery to try in Orchard


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            Ooh, it sounds delicious! I can't wait to try this out! Happened to pass by this and it was so crowded and yes , the smell is really strong and I can smell it from Giordano already.


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              I was once pass by the shop it was full of peoples.. Maybe i should try it out soon!



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                hey....they have this pepper beef rice that is $8.80 with drinks....personally i like that better....but my friend who was having the hamburger and chicken combo likes her hamburger patty saying v.tender & juicy......

                yah totally agreed abt the smell once u stepped out of the place. :Doh:
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                  Do they take reservations? Any number for me to call?


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                    it's kinda like a fast-food joint so no need for reservations i think
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                      Oops! Boy I sound so silly!


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                        Just went today for dinner. The food is nice. I like the "eat it while it's hot", and I was told that the pan is 260 Degrees C. :wow:

                        The fun part is you can cook yr own meat, so how well you want yr beef to be done depends on you. The meat is serve with bean sprouts, french + carrots. And you can add pepper, and different kind of sauces you like. As a set meal, you can choose from Miso soup or this seasonal soup ( i like this).

                        Cons: Serves mainly beef and there is only 1 choice of chicken set that is Double chicken steak.

                        Overall =


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                          Finally tried the food in Pepper Lunch this evening. Boy, I was really impressed with the service! They were standing at the entrance greeting me when I walked passed the restaurant. I looked up and saw the signboard. Man, I knew I wanna try that! The lady gave me recommendations on what to eat. Went with my sis and paid $26.90 for 2 set meals. The food was superb! I love the honey brown sauce with the bean sprouts and long beans. The carrot was sooooo sweet. Yummy! :wow:


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                            Tried it today with my Mom and we loved it! I had pepper steak and she the beef and chicken combo.

                            I am a carnivore and love the fact that I can skip the rice (so that I can indulge in more meat!). But am very attracted by the "fry" your own rice concept. We had a laugh imagining my Dad and my youngest sis at this joint. They are total kitchen idiots and would definitely have trouble just turning/stirring the meat and bean sprouts. Must bring them along next time.


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                              I went there for lunch with my colleagues... I tried beef pepper rice.. i like the fact that the stuff were friendly.. she even 'taught' me how to cook the meat and stir the rice... the butter taste was abit strong though...

                              The honey sauce is sweet and the garlic sauce is more towards saltish.. both nice..

                              Hmmm.. but the smell does get into ur hair n clothes though... Hee...
                              But the meat selection is quite limited.. think they only offer beef and chicken..