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    Hi Gals,

    I'm leaving for a little a lil adventure to these places.
    Any tips for Samui and Phangan and Koh Tao.
    Been to Bkk zillion of times.. so i'm covered for that
    Would be taking a bus down to samui from BKK

    Very excited about this lil adventure of mine

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    Wow good luck to you if you intend to take a bus down from BKK to Samui. Bus journey itself is almost 12 hours (inclusive of stops blahblah), you will reach Sutrat Tani(?Spelling) and take a ferry/speedboat to Samui and this will take around 2 hours. Journey by train will be more comfortable.

    Chaweng beach is the place to go in Samui, Phangan is the next island and it will take 1 hour from Samui. Koh Phangan is good for their full moon party. Samui is a nice place and I miss it


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      Chaweng is the main tourist stretch. Most of the resorts and beaches are packed with tourists. We rented the car both times we were there, you can actually cover the entire island and discover real cool eating places like Big John (somewhere near the southeast of the island), Tamarind Retreat (best spa ever ... during peak period need to book in advance).My friends and I even hiked up a waterfall trail.

      Most of the spots can be found in the maps. And if there's a full moon party, you will know because there will be big signs put up.

      There is also diving and sea sports if you are into water sports. Along Chaweng you can find lots of offices selling such packages.

      I miss Samui


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        Yeah... I hiked up the waterfall too and almost lost our way back!! Theres many mini pubs and there is this cool pub run by a french guy which has many board games for customers to play.
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          I want to go mountain biking up the hills.
          Anyone tried that?

          Seems like i would not have problem with boredom!


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            Our company trip is planning to Koh Samui on 02 Jun 2006, for 4 days 3 nights. The package is S$630 per person. Do you think 4 days 3 nights is too long to stay in Koh Samui? Kindly advise.

            Thank you.

            Best regards,
            Wee Teing


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              is there shopping to do at koh samui like phuket??


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                Just came back from Ko Samui over the weekend.. Nothing much for shopping.. Price don't differ much.. But good for bargaining.. Can go there to buy shorts, sunglasses, bikinis, scarfs?? slippers not very nice.. Probably you can try looking at the higher end looking shops for dresses or nicer clothings?

                The elephant trekking is freaking expensive.. 1500 baht for 2!! Kept telling us that elephants need to eat.. They have to buy things like banana.. Erm.. Bananas very expensive over there?!

                Beware of the available waterfalls.. The one and only one that I've been to was so small, and definitely not worth the travelling, cos it's super steep to before we reached there. So steep that my friends lost control of the bike and crashed.. My digicam LCD was smashed from the crash.. If you are interested to see the waterfalls, better ask around for the good waterfalls, big ones.. We lost our way to the go kart place, so thought we could make do with the nearest waterfall since we were near it.. Bad choice.. We must have been cursed by the elephant guy..

                Air tickets plus accommodation cost about $500+... inclusive of Singapore airport tax, exclusive of Ko Samui airport tax (500 baht)..

                The beach at the resort I stayed, Chawa Samui Resort, was super duper clear.. Even when I stand at my mouth level, I can see my feet clearly, and also fishes... Travelling around the island, will be good to ride a bike.. No license required. Traffic was quite friendly.. If you going on budget, recommend you not to rent from hotel. We rented automatic bike for 300 baht each, while another tourist we met told us he got his at 100 baht manual. Automatic for 150baht.. So walk along the roads to check out the best rates.

                I did jet-ski, go kart, and went shooting with real gun and real bullets. The clubbing scenes are so-so... Maybe good for chill out.. Bad point is.. Lots of mosquito bites.. If you want to catch World Cup, most of the places have commentary in Thai, only a few has English commentary.

                Dinner at Beachcombers or something like that, near the Chawa Samui Hotel was cool.. The settings was classy, nice music/ambience, backed with the sounds from the waves.. Food was good..

                Thai massage was good.. I had back, shoulder and neck massage.. Average. My friend had face massage.. And he said he felt good after the massage and the cream they applied on the face at the end of it.. Soothed his sunburnt face.. So I guess after a day of suntan, it will do good if you treat your face a face massage..
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                  I just came back from Samui!

                  Just a tip: Never ever take a flight from BKK to SuratThani, then Samui. It's a bloody waste of time and not worth the money saved!

                  Luckily, I didn't. We took a flight to BKK, shopped there , then take the one and only airline flying to Samui. It's cheaper than flying direct to Samui with same airline and we get to shop in BKK too!

                  I just had my beach wedding at Samui. It was lovely overlooking the sunset at Lipanoi beach. The sand at Lipanoi is the same powdery sand at Chaweng beach, very nice! The sunset was beautiful!

                  Lamai beach has very coarse sand, not great, and Lamai town is pathetic! Chaweng is the place to be! I didn't shop much at all since I did 99% of shopping at BKK till I had hardly any space left in my baggage for Samui shopping. But the dining was lovely, I had a great dining experience at Eat Sense. Defintely must try the beachfront dining along Chaweng beach, they have many wonderful beachfront restaurants with fantastic view to choose from. Big John in Lipanoi has beautiful sunset and fantastic dining experience in one of their sala overlooking their beach, but the food is not that great and quite expensive! Not cheap like what they advertise it to be.

                  In Samui, I enjoyed my resorts alot! I chose 2 resorts to stay in. The resorts I chose were very lovely in their own ways. The first one overlooked the Bay and I had pool AND seaview from my honeymoon suite. My 2nd resort was located on Big Buddha beach on a beachfront hut with beach view from one window, and pool/garden view from another. I relaxed by the different hammocks hanging in front of my hut and canoe at the sea. They provide beach volleyball for tough arms and their massage sala overlook the beach. It is great!!!

                  I'll post pictures if any of you are interested.

                  We did elephant treking too at a premium price because we were taking wedding shots at the same time. We were given the nicest looking elephant with a handsome mahout. Cost us 2400baht for less than an hour of elephant trekking. The only worthy waterfalls are at Namuang 1 & 2. Namuang 2 waterfalls the the tallest and nicest I heard. If you want to visit Samui, it's best to rent either an auto motorbike for 200baht or a jeep. If you can't ride or drive, forget it as cab fares here are steep.

                  I went for the full moon party at Phangan, it was great eye-opener. I saw some men who took out their shorts and danced naked on the beach. Also lots of men going to the sea to pee as the toliets cost a freakin expensive 10baht to visit each time! Can also see people setting off fire balloons into the sky and fire-performers. For my wedding, I set-off 8 fire balloons myself, and it was great experience seeing the fire lantern float into the sky! I made a wish with each lantern I floated up.


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                    hello, can anyone advise whether it will be monsoon season for Koh Samui early Jan next year?


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                      Reviving this thread... I would like to go to Koh Samui but the the only airline fr Singapore is Bangkok Airways and bad timing too. If we decide to go Bangkok and transit from Bangkok to Koh Samui, would this save us some $? And any recommended hotels in Koh Samui?


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                        Anyone been to Koh Tao ?what it price for 3days 2nites?


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                          Bumping this up! Is it advisable to take a direct flight to Koh Samui or a flight to BKK then to Koh Samui? Worth the hassle?

                          Any good hotels, activities and restaurants to recommend in Koh Samui?


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                            hi babysammi,
                            have you already gone for your trip to Koh Samui?


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                              Originally posted by ziryn View Post
                              hi babysammi,
                              have you already gone for your trip to Koh Samui?
                              I didn't go for my trip as planned in the end. My SO's leave was freeze as he was inudated with alot of last minute assignments