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  • Mia?

    Just a thought and would like to ask fellow cotters your view.

    Have you ever been through such a rough patch and you just feel like hiding away from everyone? I mean totally everyone. You just want to be alone. Anyone encounter that? My gf got this problem all the time and she will be gone for months. Is this normal?

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    Personally went thru that and gone passed that stage

    If your girlfriend is having this problem all the time, seek help.
    Running away doesnt solve the problem.


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      Well the last time she ran away, change job, change mobile no. is to avoid her last man, now don't know what's her problem. She is a great friend and I hate to see her so down. Sigh.


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        I felt like that before. Didn't want to meet anyone unless really necessary, reluctant to check my email, even reluctant to open my mouth. But it's temporary and didn't go to such extent like changing job or mobile number. I think your friend needs to seek help because it's either she's having very serious problem, or she needs to handle it better.


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          I dont think all people that run away is because they are avoiding the problems..They just want a fresh new start i supposed? Or maybe they need time to cool off and recover..or something like that..used to think about this...but actually this is a hard thing to do, i mean to really run away, because you've got commitments towards ya family, friends, and work..

          Is this really a serious problem? If that person can handle herself better this way, why not? If she knows where shes heading..but like i mentioned, work-wise, its a little irresponsible on her part?

          I always thought that if you can afford to do it, by all means.

          Is there really a problem in character if someone does this ?? or maybe only until excessively? I mean i really dont know.. Please let me understand more
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            Adding on, but on a friend/family point of view, it sure saddens/puzzle us. Snowny understand what you mean.


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              Thanks cup, i feel so sad now.


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                I personally went through a period like that, well, a few actually, it's like mild to semi-serious depression. The worst part is the "recovery" when you have to eventually face the people you have been avoiding coz they need an explanation. It's very difficult to explain this behavior, people think you are weird etc.

                It is irresponsible behavior but the motive is actually to avoid all human contact (as far as possible, some contact with the outside world is unavoidable) to minimize emotional friction. At least that was my reason, I was feeling very fragile emotionally and want to be as detached as possible while I recover my balance.

                The best thing is not to add pressure to her situation by showing excessive concern or wanting explanations. My .


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                  now come to think of it, i think my friend has fallen into it? no? i dont know...all the while i thought she's "trying too hard" to be independent? haha....anyway, i doubt she has a depression.....i dont know....she dont tell us what she does anyway...i guess its more of a friendship problem?