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      you kidding!!??? work 12 months and 22 months pay???
      I wannnnnnnnnnnttttttttt!!!


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        no lar
        happy bean, it's 5 months paid out two times...

        so work 12 months, get up to 5 months

        but this year for me, as i just joined the company in Jan (the financial year for the company is diff from calander year) i get pro rata bonus. i think only 3/4 of 5 months

        i like to add that it's the same across my whole company. my company is very diversified, many different industries and bonus are different for different industries. Also, 5 months is the max, it can be lower if our performance is not to expectations.

        Also, i am afraid i would not be able to reveal which co.
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            I only get to see the AWS in Dec. Other than that, nothing else. but at least i get to pay my car insurance and road tax with that additional income..


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              Well, I just a calculation this morning, after bonus, I am still in debts. No diff but help a bit. Sigh


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                Mine is 3 month fixed-bonus each year...
                1 month in July
                2 months at the end of year...


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                  i think workplace happiness is more important.
                  presently as the industry is doing well, bonus is quite good
                  but then, i think by 2008, it would be a different story.

                  anyway i think by that time, i would be looking out for a new job

                  shigehiro - 3 months fixed bonus is quite a good deal! as lest it doesnt get affected by department performance no?


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                    Yea.. it doesn't get affected by department's performance...
                    Actually the benefits offered is not bad at all...


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                      mine no doublt lowest paid salary but we enjoyed a lot of fringe benefits;-
                      for bonus-
                      1. Fixed 2 mths in Dec norm 2 wks before salary.
                      2. Local performance bonus ( July) depending which dept u are in,btw 30-101%,recently I had receive payout of 54% of the salary+salary.This comes twice a year,its either July /Aug OR Jan/Feb. hehhehe
                      3.Recently,Global performance bonus ( also in July) hehe.

                      Baby bonus payout also has just received in August.

                      BUt I usually looking forward towards the year -end followed by performance bonus !


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                        My company must top the cake in terms of worst benefits. I've been here for 2.5 years and am dying to leave.

                        1. We sometimes get our paychecks a few days late. HODs suffer even more - they usually get their paychecks late every other month.

                        2. 13th month bonus is in the contract and used to be paid out in Dec but for the last 2 years, they delayed payment till Jan.

                        3. No increment or any other bonus for the entire duration that I've been here.

                        4. Company couldn't even give us our salary earlier to help us tide through Christmas or Chinese New Year.

                        5. Had a good appraisal and apparently considered good performance but CEO refused to grant increment, partly coz I was pregnant last year it was deemed 'not good timing'. A**holes right....


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                          My bonus:

                          Last year:
                          1 month in March
                          0.5 month in July
                          1 month in Dec
                          Total: 2.5 mth

                          This year:
                          1 month in March
                          0.5 month+200 in July
                          2 months in Dec
                          Total: 3.5 mth


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                            anyone working in ocbc?

                            care to reveal ard how many months bonus did u received?
                            i am curious


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                              For me... Bonus in July - depends how well the company does for the financial year + 13th month bonus in January.


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                                seriously, i don't know how my coy calculate bonus. My colleague who joined around the same time as me (more job scope) get 5X more than me. I suppose they calculated on performance...i was soooo shock when i know of her bonus. I understand that bonus are "extra" welfare..but It makes me feel pathetic.