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Crystal Jade Macau Restaurant @ Bugis Junction

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  • Crystal Jade Macau Restaurant @ Bugis Junction

    Hi girls, anybody tried the Crystal Jade Macau Restaurant?
    Any nice dish/dessert to recommend?
    Am thinking of going there for a meal but want some feedback from u!!

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    what's so special about macau themed? does it served pork chop bun? :wow:


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      It serves pork chop bun & it's nice!

      Was there last week with SO. Ordered a pork chop bun, fried rice with 3 prawns for him (sorry not quite sure of the dish's exact name), yuan yang (half cream seafood & half tomato sauce pork chop) spaghetti in claypot for her, red bean ice drink, hk style cold milk tea, steamed milk with egg white and cream sago with mango & pomelo.

      Fried rice standard is about the same as the normal crystal jade.
      Yuan yang spaghetti was quite nice and portion quite big.
      Red bean ice drink same as what we tasted in hk.
      Cold milk tea tasted more like indian teh tarik than hk style.
      Steamed milk with egg white, don't really like the taste cause we realised it has egg white after we tasted. Tried pure steamed milk in hk before and it's heavenly.
      Cream sago with mango & pomelo was just normal and the mango was abit sour.

      Total damage: around $50


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        seems like a lot of different things and a greater selection...yum...yum


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          purple! I am going to eat pork chop bun there tonight...


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            This Sat is my brother's birthday so want to choose a good chinese restaurant.


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              Hurray!!! A new eatery for me to venture in Bugis

              I saw Purple post, made me feel like giving up work now & go to eat As the dishes are my favourite & I want to try


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                so stupid of me, was in bugis yesterday, should have went there to try. :Doh: The Thais noodle place at level 1 sucks.


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                  going to try the pork chop bun and red bean ice drink for sure..........slurp.............


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                    just went there to eat today!

                    dishes were unique, diff from the normal crsytal jade.

                    here's what my party of 6 ordered:
                    1)baked spaghetti - cream seafood and tomato based pork chop. pork chop was quite tender, not bad, usually I am not too keen not pork, but this was not bad. can have it in baked rice too.
                    2) fried prawn paste on toast
                    3) some fried mixed mushroom with garlic. i love mushrooms!!
                    4) some tim sum, usual har kow, siew mai, chicken feet, steamed beef ball, fried bean curd skin, char siew so (baked pastry char siew).
                    5) Desserts - Mango sago paste sago with pamelo, hk style milk tea, ice red bean, red bean paste with aloe vera, guilin jelly with mango paste sago with pamelo.

                    damage = $96!! there's a $5 voucher given if you use citibank card to pay, use for their cakerybakery!!


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                      forget to update my finding on this restaurant...

                      anyway both me and my hubby like this place and don't mind visiting the 2nd time.

                      We tried
                      1) pork chop bun - the meat is tender and well marinated and the bun is well oven baked nice nice (suggest 2 person share one bun else will be too over whelming)
                      2) curry prawn with bun - this dish can be served with rice/spaghetti/bun, its the same bun from the pork chop bun. We love the taste of this curry prawn and the ingredient was fresh too.
                      3) roasted herb chicken - suppose to be the recommended dish of Macau but not to our liking at all
                      4) dessert - ice red bean and red bean paste with aloe vera (our expectation quite high on the dessert hence were totally disappointed)

                      Total damage: S$45

                      P/S: actually we ordered this olive fried rice too but luckily the captain forgot about it else we would be very very bloated

                      sparkles, I did not see any dim sum on the menu come you got to eat them? wanted to eat their famous portugese egg tarts but can't find it on their main menu don't tell me they have another dim sum menu :roll:
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                        hi anyone can tell me where the exact location of the restaurant is? u gals are tempting me... lol



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                          its located at the basement of Bugis junction right beside the cold storage and four leaves bakery.


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                            Originally posted by Juneoesque
                            its located at the basement of Bugis junction right beside the cold storage and four leaves bakery.
                            thanks babe


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                              Sounds Yummy!!!