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I lost my certs

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  • I lost my certs

    Help,I can't find my certs. I am so lost now.
    Last edited by sn0wny; 29-07-2005, 09:53 AM.

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    go back to your previous schools/ MOE and request for a certified true copy or another copy of the certs

    you might have to pay some money for it but i guess it is worth it.


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      Have asked, my last company is willing to fax me my certs but not my degree and I dare not ask my existing company. The uni needs 3 months to mail to me. So sad.


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        u can always list down the year of completion for your uni degree.
        if necessary, some company will do verification checks on the authenticity of your degree.
        i think u can always explain your situation to the existing company.
        Said you lost your certs, and you need a copy.

        the place where i work for do verifications so in a way having a certified copy doesnt mean anything to them.


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          Thanks, I hope the problem will be solve soon.


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            nearly lost my certs once when I brought it for interviews. I left it in Macdonald and totally break into cold sweat when I realise I did not bring it back. My so and me went to Mac twice to enquire but to no avail. My so even search in the rubbish bin for me, thinking they might throw it there. Thankfully, on the third time we went there, the manager hand it to me, it is placed behind the counter. Gosh!! what an experience. After that I am very careful with my certs...