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  • Cost of going to University

    Hi ladies who are studying in NUS/NUH now,

    How much are the fees which you need to pay in one year ? Excluding those in Medicine. I am saving up for my children's education so need to do a projection base on current costs.

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    Wow, this early? LOL I guess medicine is the most expensive so it does make sense to project based on that. Not much help here, but just one word of advice, unless they are interested in it themselves, without any external goading, medicine isn't the best job out there. Singapore has the crappiest rates of pay for the level of skill.

    Oops, you said excluding. Damn I need my reading glasses.


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      I do hope that my children become doctors. But then I would not be able to afford to send them to Medical school even if I start saving now. So they better get scholarships For other courses still possible, but must save early. I got 2 you know, only 1 year apart !


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        Why do people want their kids to be doctors? That's the part I really don't get. Most people I know who are doctors hate the job - they did it because they had the marks and it didn't turn out to be half as satisfying as people make it out to be (no, noone will ever admit it if you ask them). The rates of depression are alarming in this profession. I think it's important that a person loves what he/she is doing for a living, because it's a lifelong thing, not build up an illusion of what a job is like because they haven't found what they like. This is speaking from experience. Once you pick a training program, like medicine, it's unlikely you'll ever be able to switch to something else unless you're extremely lucky. My store didn't work out in the end, so I guess my only recourse is to go back and work in a hospital. It's not the time-honored profession it once was - my take, just another service industry where many people don't perform up to standard because they don't have the passion for it. One more thing. The pay sucks. Seriously ... doctors don't even get peanuts. More like molecules. In fact, I think the average food stall owner in a hawker center gets more for the same number of hours worked. It's that bad. Again, this is something noone will tell you because it devalues the degree. After you qualify for a specialty, the pay is average in the public health system, not too bad but you'll never get rich. Still going to be saddled with a mortgage for n number of years like any other person. If you choose to go private, the pay is better - but if you open a clinic, you have to take the risk of running a business, much more than the average retail venture because the equipment and staffing would be more expensive. Not everyone will have revenue like the ones in the Paragon or some funky medical center. Some who get out into the private sector return to the public system because of job security. Which is probably the only good thing about the job. However, people don't usually go into the private sector just for the money alone. It's because the working hours are too unreasonable in the public system. Junior doctors work 80-90 hours a week.

        I'm sure there are people who love the job. But it's not everyone. You can tell from the bedside manner.

        Sorry for the hijack - it just pains me when people don't know what kind of pressure kids go through with the expectation of academic achievement imposed on them. My parents didn't want me to do medicine but I stupidly chose it anyways. So I guess I have to take up the responsibility and face my demons. But I have decided that if I am to do it, I will do my best and not let anyone fault my performance.
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          I'm most interested in bio ...especially human bodies, virus, etc etc..I seriously believe i can excel in that area, because im seriously interested and can absorb fast (tried and tested due to some interdisciplinary modules back in sch). But i dont have a choice to study medicine..Lack of cash..maybe lack of brains too haha, anyway its gone...

          Oh yeah, hawkers do earn alot! :wow: It's true..
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            i paid 5650 for 2 5650 x3 (for BSC) x4 (for honours)...and some miscellanous i think.
            Mine is lab based so they took into consideration whatever microscope and lab fees, maybe it is cheaper for FASS or BA students?

   dont need to be a doctor to study those areas, I took them under Life Science major, just that we play a backstage role.
            My friends work in diagnostic labs do testing of samples etc...the doctor is the middleman (sort of) to the patients and of course they determine the treatment.


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              Agree with linggy, currently I am studying to get Diploma of biomedical Science and also I am on the international advanced program which would enable me to go direct to Monash University's Biomed Science faculty 3rd year.
              I kinda save a bit to get my degree as I have exemption of 2 years.

              Life Sciences and such are the more expensive of the lot due to what linggy has said but if you are really interested in Biology, I am sure it's the money worth to study what you really like


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                so gal, your 3rd year is on campus or still long distance?
                My ex- NUS prof is now Monash Head of Microbiology I think, she told me before she left. =)


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                  Well, I am currently now studying my 3rd year in Republic Polytechnic. Recently they had this collaboration with Monash University and launched this International Programme which is opened to students who have maintained their GPA of 3.0 and higher in the consecutive years of study(overall semester grades). Monash has also implemented these students to take on extra modules which would prepare us to go into Monash's Uni at Melbourne at go in with the 3rd year students there.

                  Tough but well, it does save some cash to get a degree if it is hard to get into NUS for poly graduates especially in life science.

                  Btw, I really enjoy microbiology! :D


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                    Real financial constraints and/or commitments here i'm talking about..Anyway thanks girls for the tips! i'm sure it will aid others..

                    Anyway, I still dont have the full insights to the medical/life sci it's hard to determine if what i think is exposure of those are only up till sec sch

                    abit OT already...

                    Anyway, for normal uni courses, how is the fees like? Business faculty etc etc


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                      Aphrael, just my

                      Some parents who like their children to be doctors is due to the nobility(spell?) of this job..pls pardon my english if error. anyway, they just hope their children can serve the mankind well. hmm, but some, of course, for the money though...


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                        yeah I understand how you feel Cup. Nowadays education fees are really going up. There was this recent increase in Poly and University school fees and I think it would definitely increase in the future years.

                        For those with kids, have you ever considered Education insurance? I am not sure how it works but I have heard people buying them for their children's insurance. My aunt is a financial analyst and usually its good to heed some advice from them as they really speculate on how much education fees would go up by the time your child is ready to go into Uni and such.

                        My bf currently signed up for a Student Bank loan with DBS and the loan covers 80% of his tuition fees for school as he is currently facing family financial problems


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                          Yeah i think i've heard of the study insurance thingy too..tamarind you might want to check it out! I heard the child will be able to get a sum of money for studies by age 21..but sometimes i wonder, isnt this age too late for uni? as in..the money came in a not-so-appropriate 19/20 the child could have already started uni you must save on your part 1st too..


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                            All I can say is, terribly misguided. Not many people think of the bad. Imagine if there's another outbreak of SARS or the flu. One of your family members has just returned from the hospital, and has to be quarantined along with the rest of the family. If the quarantine is served out with no complications, fine. What if someone got infected and there were no cure this time round, and other family members were also affected? Then there are the needlestick injuries and constant exposure to superbugs. Nobility is highly overrated. There is no money in medicine.


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                              yeah but I think with how much money which comes in when the child is at 21 , at least it can aid to cover the slightly more expensive education stuff like getting degrees and Master's. I find these tertiary education costs are way much higher and most people usually would have to work for a few years first before furthering their studies.
                              Not to mention nowadays people usually go overseas for degree or Masters as well so the cost would be much higher.