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    Well, I am going to oslo in late September for business meeting. The length of stay is about 1 week and I was told I will be staying in one of the hotel in City Centre. The office is about 30 min cab drive from the city centre so I don't foresee any traffic problem. September was autumn for Norway and according to the net, there will be some greens around (thank god!!!). I will appreciate any advise!!! Clothings, Climate, Skincare, Travel, Places of Interests, Shopping!!!

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    I stayed in Bergen, not Oslo, but there are certain common things.

    First of all, salmon is cheaper than chicken there. Beef is cheaper than chicken. I think the chickens die in the cold...

    It will also be cold. Shopping isn't great there - but their souvenirs are really very nice and high quality. You can get cheap animal furs there - but please check into Singapore's import laws.

    Also, try out the reindeer hotdogs! Reindeer meat rocks! They also do a lovely goat cheese.


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      Go and visit Vigeland Park! It's a beautiful sculpture park.


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        I heard my colleague talked about reindeer meat and he said it would be like eating Rudolph (Santa's reindeer) and he don't think his daughters would ever forgive him. But I love Salmon!!! Yum Yum!

        Will it be that cold that I need winter clothes? My boss just briefly commented that it will be around 15 deg and he just mildly put it as not very cold. When I went to the Perth Office last year during their late winter, it was around 10 deg to 15 deg. Not very cold but very windy.

        If it is really cold, I am really tempted to buy the stylish wollen trenchcoat I saw in a shop (winterland). It is really professional looking. Best of all, it is less than $200!!! The problem is its weight. Very HEAVY due to the thick wollen fabric.


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          Hope this helps..

          Hi fornight!
          I am a singaporean staying in a town 2 hours from Oslo city. Was just at Oslo a week ago for shopping but trust me.. shopping is really not fun here. Thats because things are generally more expensive (because of very high GST) and not many designer shops or well-known international brands. The currency exchange is 1 SGD to 3.7NOK (norwegian krone). You should take a walk around the central such as storgata, take a trip to Vigeland Park and take a picture by the angry child statue to show that you have been to norway, and then walk to the palace and parliament house and have a meal by the Akerbygge ( dining by the harbour - norwegians' way of luxury life in summer). There is also a fortress near the harbour which is worth a trip! Be prepared to spend a bit.. a Big Mac meal in norway costs about 25SGD. Generally standard of living is 3 times higher in singapore. If you step into a cab, it will already cost you about 12SGD ( not very sure about price now)
          This year's summer has been short and cold. Temperature is about 14-20 degrees in the day now so i would think that you might have to bring a few more warmer autumn clothings. If u have a bit more space in your luggage, then bring a summer piece because it can suddenly be warm and you don't want to look like an eskimo among the others.( i was like that my first time to norway) I use really rich european brand moisturisers ever since i moved here. Leave jap brands skincare at home.. Bring lotsa moisturisers with you.. from hair to lips, face, body and feet!
          Try brown goat cheese ( you will definitely get at the breakfast table at the hotel), reindeer meat, whale meat, long-legged crabs. Seafood is great in norway! When my mum visited me here, she loves the coned ice-cream.
          For souveneirs.. its trolls, wool jackets (knitted in typical norwegian style), or anything silver.
          I will be in Singapore in September but u can always email me at [email protected] if u have any other queries.
          Have a nice trip!


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            S$25 dollars for a big mac!!!!! That is freaking expensive!!!

            I think I better bring some Nissin or Koka Cup noodles over, probably Tom Yum flavour. Or maybe, I will have an extremely heavy breakfast (included in the hotel room charge) and keep my lunch/dinner very very light.

            I happened to talk to one Oslo colleague yesterday and she told us that it was still possible to find cheap food (approx $15 per head) but you need to know where to find them.

            Thanks for warning me about the moisturizer thing. I guess I better try my best to find some rich moisturizer samples to bring along. I have never used any heavy duty moisturizer before, not even when I went to Korea during its winter period.


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              If you have time for a daytrip, I highly recommend this one:
              It would be a pity to leave without seeing some of the gorgeous scenery, and you can see quite a bit even with the 1-day option.


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                Oh gosh....our oslo colleagues are sooooo nice. They are going to bring me to a Fjord Cruise! I really need to bring some gifts for them to express my appreciation. They are mostly mid-thirties ladies and I have no idea what kind of gifts to buy. Cuties stuff is definitely out!

                I will really appreciate if someone give me some ideas.


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                  Hey fornight,

                  Your oslo colleagues sure sound sooo sweet. For the pressies, do you plan to get something fr Singapore for them? I think it?s a better idea? Why not consider those retail pack food from Prima? So that they can get a taste of local food, my SO bought a pineapple rice premix for a oz colleague and she loved it to bits.

                  Or those orchid brooches or scarves? I think this idea is good. It?s pretty and light. Or Made in Singapore Tiger Balm? LoL! Drop by DFS Scotts ground floor, you?ll be spoilt for choice.
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                    Food will be a headache because they have different sort of allergies. One is allergic to seafood and nuts and the other is allergic to shellfish.

                    I think scarves will be a good idea. I heard that scarves are very expensive in Oslo!!!


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                      I am planning to go Norway next yr to surprise my friend.. hehe..
                      which airline should i go for?
                      how long will the flight be?


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                        can anyone guide me?


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                          been there last week, it's really cold at this period, and visited Vigeland Park.. all sculptures are nudes but really interesting.. there are more than 600 of them!! anyone should have a visit to this park by any chance i also went for a fjord sigt seeing but it doesnt really interest me.. perhaps because it was raining and cloudy so can't really enjoy the ride..
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                            liyun86, i took turkish airline.. it was ok.. i had a friend who took lufthansa and she said was ok too.. but 1 thing in common is that their customer service is definately not as good as s'pore airline or cathay pacific. and it's kinda boring because there is not much entertainment on the plane..


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                              Originally posted by aimee
                              liyun86, i took turkish airline.. it was ok.. i had a friend who took lufthansa and she said was ok too.. but 1 thing in common is that their customer service is definately not as good as s'pore airline or cathay pacific. and it's kinda boring because there is not much entertainment on the plane..
                              thanks for replying

                              well, i found British and Quantas airlines to be the cheapest among all..