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  • Consignment Issues

    hi all,

    i need some advice regarding this consignment incident i'm currently facing.
    (please bear with me... it's quite long.. )
    ______________________ __________________________
    A lady emailed me saying that she is a teacher and her school is having a sales event to raise funds for needy students and wishes to get my stuff at a better price to resell.

    all emails were replied the next day.

    After i emailed her the list of items and price, i got no reply from her the next day and so i reply if she is comfortable with the payment etc...

    next day i got the message that she needs to check with the office clerk....

    2 days later she replied that she would be able to put a X% deposit... and also she copied and paste my item photos to organise a new order form.
    there are no column for prices.

    I have left her my hp number and suggested if we could meet up on this particular day (which is tomorrow, 25/7). No news from her.

    All emails were sent using her yahoo email.
    __________________ ____________________________

    Just seeking some advice (and opinions) here on what i should do (continue the deal or to call off or.....?). (sometimes my decisions are quite :Doh: )

    thanks in advance babes...

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    Is your goods limited? If not, can just wait for another few more days and try to send her an e-mail reminding her?


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      Ya, agree with what IrEnE06 had said.

      You can also email her now saying something like "hi, I will need your response by (insert date). If I don't hear from you by then, I'd assume that you're no longer interested and thus, our deal is off."....something along that line...coz mine might sound a bit brash.


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        thanks for ya replies babes.
        still no response from her. will email her something like what kpobody mentioned tomorrow.
        [my active imagination leads me to thinking that a fellow competitor is trying to 'cripple' me. ]

        just curious, anyone know how does consignments normally 'operate'?


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          Sorry cowdung, I also don't know how consignments work.

          Anyway, I had replied to your consigment thread coz about a month ago, a person also approached me about consigment stuff. Although I was in need of $$$, in the end after much thought, I rejected the person coz I don't want another person to compete with me - aka after buying my stuff, reselling it at a cheaper price.


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            partly agree with you kpobody, it's nice having the exposure but would also like to keep the exclusive-ness.


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              i'm not sure whether i'm right anot.
              Consignment is like eg: the store owner buy from me and sell at his own price (min cap by us to control e market price) or i will pay him certain percentage with my retail price.


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                consignment works this way, the person takes your stock and you state a price for them e.g. you say this pair of earrings you're charging them $5 for it. They will agree to it BUT they WON'T pay you yet. They only pay you when the earrings has been sold. The profit e.g. they sell the earrings for $8,hence profit is $3--is theirs. At the end of the day,if your earrings sell they'll give you the $5. If it doesn't they'll return the goods to you.

                It's important that there is TRUST between both parties when consignment is done. If not your goods may go missing!

                Hope that helps and i hope i didn't sound like a maths textbook!


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                  Thanks ange & IrEnE06
                  for your clarification.

                  Thinking back, I think I did the right decision in rejecting the person.
                  Coz I didn't know who she is & I was afraid that after taking the goods, she'd run off (after all, she's a complete stranger) without a trace.


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          's really dangerous, easy to get cheated in such situations. I'm glad for you that you decided to reject it