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  • Singapore Mobile Phone operators

    did a search and couldn't find any info on the above topic..

    is ST and starhub better than M1? my friends all get nice prices for buying new handsets and my bro's phone bill is so much cheaper as compared to mine.

    my M1 bill seems to be on the rise. how many of us here are on free incoming? does it help shrink the bill?

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    i hv bn a m1 user for more than half a decade. *** switched to free incoming a few mths ago too. no... initially, my bill did dropped significantly cos most of my calls r incoming. but then.. it's starting to rise again.. :Doh:


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      Please refrain from using SMS short-forms, non-standard spelling, and Singlish expressions in your posts. The ***s appearing in your post are indicators that you might have used some of the above. CozyCot is a place where people from all over the world meet and share information. Typing out your words properly and writing in Standard English makes things easier to understand for everyone. This has been outlined in our Bulletin Forum Rules #5. Please edit your post accordingly.

      Thank you for understanding!


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        Chiri, I've converted to free incoming calls from feb this year. And so far, my bills are lower than previous plans. Previous bill amount to $65-$75, but new plan amount to only $45 - $50 & with 500sms free. Btw, i'm singtel user.

        I've more incoming calls so i choose this plan as there are other plans with incoming calls free but with even more sms etc.

        But i know that M1 user have those sun perks points whereby they can redeem for freebies! Starhub have the rewards points too But singtel red rewards program is only applicable to some only.


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          whitetulips: my friend's case is similiar to yours! but i think her bill was more expensive after changing to the free incoming! :Doh: and she called up the CS to complain.

          and after complaining, the next month's bill was much lesser as compared to before. haha!

          Jess: thanks for the advice babe!

          M1's sunperks are relatively bad IMO. you'll have to chalk up at least 1000 points (1 point for $1) to get something decent. haha!

          how come singtel's red rewards are only applicable for some?

          the telecommunication service in HKG is my cousin is paying around $25 for 1800mins worth of talk time!


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            What $25! IT'S REAL CHEAP.

            For the red rewards, you need to spent a avg. $100 every month to qualify. And I was told even if you spend $100, not neccessary to be selected from the systems to qualify. I was like , how can this be.


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              I wonder is it they anyhow charge, if you called up and complain. They will lowered the bills.


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                Jess: yes! $25 is super cheap. i think it's because they have quite a number of service providers, that accounts for the cheap rates. and i was comparing it with our local service. that's such a big difference!


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                  My SO recently changed his M1 plan and his bill is only $6!! much cheaper than mine..

                  Yah, Singtel don't have any freebies for their customers at all o.. as what Jess has posted, got to spend $100 and above per month to get the red rewards points..


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                    :wow: what plan is your SO using, twinstar?


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                      cowdung: my SO is using corporate plan from SAF..


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                        does the corporate plan expire when the NSF ORD? cause my bro is in army now, so considering getting one for my dad. hee!


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                          you have to renew the corporate plan every yr IIRC
                          so you have to show the pass when you renew it
                          if you dont have the pass by then, you cant continue using the plan. HTHS!


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                            thanks krispourri!


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                              chili, IMHO, i would recommended you to go for starhub or singtel. probably i'm holding these 2 lines now. however, i feel M1 bills are on the high end and hidden cost.

                              do you have voicemail? they might be the reason why you seldom use and yet, expensive.
                              voicemail are part of your minutes used.