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  • Excuse me, are you done?

    I've waited for a table for more than 15mins at a food centre. And the worst part is, 2 couples have already finishing their food and were chatting and smoking there.

    They knew it, i'm waiting. But still leaving me to wait for 15 mins before they are willingly to let me have their table. And one of the lady refuse to get up still, sitting on 1 out of 5 chairs.

    I overhear her saying to her SO that, " Do they expect me to stand while waiting for packed food? " And her SO reply saying it would be done soon. And after much persuasion, she managed to leave and by the time, her food is ready.

    Oh dear, i feel a little bad because i thought they are finished. But later realised that they are actually waiting for their packed food. But i still think they can be a little more considerate.

    Anyone out there have terrible experiences while waiting for a table? Share it! Because i keep thinking that why i'm always the one to met all these awful experiences when i'm at the food centre!1
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    It always happen, even in fastfood restaurants!! I hate school kids studying at peak lunch hours where everyone is fighting for seats, and inconsiderate them, can just have a coke and occupy the whole table!

    There was once even worst, i stood beside a couple whom obviously gonna finish their food (left only a few fries) and its lunch time ok! They still can down there, i-feed-u-u-feed-me..EEks!

    As for myself, if i'm seeing people waiting for seats, sometimes unknowingly i'll continue chatting after im done with my food, but when suddenly i really do realise (or sometimes SO normally alert me 1st) that many pple waiting for seat, we'll get up and leave....even if we can't finish our drinks, we'll just take away and leave...

    Anyway, these people are really inconsiderate.. :Doh:
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      Yes, it happened on me as well! Some were so inconsiderate! They knew i'm standing there waiting for the table yet they can take their own sweet time! :Doh:

      Well, not all. Some were great, they packed up real fast & smile sweetly @ you, asking you to enjoy your meal!


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        And mine, just don't want to leave. Sitting there, refuse to get up and her SO pulling her up.


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          Haha interesting topic! I had my fair share of rants regarding this. Having been on both sides of the experience. Talking about this just reflects the ugliness of some Singaporeans. :roll:

          As for waiting around for someone to finish their food, I don't know, but I try not to expect people to finish their food in a rush just because i'm standing there waiting, even if they're like finishing already. I personally don't like that having experienced that myself, hate being 'stressed' to finish up my food and there are some "wait-ers" who are blatantly rude and stare at u disapprovingly and made snide comments like "so slow" etc.. (Hello, u're not the only one who had to wait, i had to wait for my turn too!) If I'm the one waiting, I'll try to be at least more discreet, smile at the person eating and ask them no need to hurry. What I feel is, as long as the people have paid to eat their food at the common food centre, in a way it's their right for them to stay there as long as they are comfortable to finish off their food without in a rush. And it's polite that wait-ers respect that right. After all, it's a first-come-first-served scenario. If we're dining in a restaurant, when there is a long waiting list, the staff couldn't possibly "chase" their exisitng customers to faster finish coz there's a long queue outside.

          However, on the other side of the coin, I do feel that fellow singaporeans should try to be more considerate to each other by not 'hogging' the space, especially when they've like wayy finished their meals, in public eating areas.


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            I agree with Vantastica. Normally i don't stare at them or pressurize them making them feel so uncomfortable. But it would be exceptional for those who have already finished but was smoking or chatting there, because these can be done outside the food centre.


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              You know what I do. I'll say in front of them that I'm hungry. Don't know why they still take so long or stare at them. That's why my SO said that "One fine day, someone will bash you up for being attitude " Or I'll approach them & check how long they going to sit down, make them pai seh

              Pai seh = Embarassed.


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                So cute shoppingqueenie!

                Yes, personally i don't like to wait too long for a table (provided the people sitting on it do not make me wait in purpose) BUT i do not like people (those who were waiting for me to finish) to stare at me while i'm still eating. Guess it's 2 way.


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                  Oh vantastica you brought up a very good point, 1st come 1st serve and don't have to rush. I agree with you...

                  But yes its just a matter of courtesy, i mean its lunch hour, evone is rushing..

                  Not asking you to rush to eat finish your food, but at least dont dilly dally so obviously right? really inconsiderate...yeap and like smoking can just do outside the food centre..

                  oo and i dont stare at people too (even if im really pissed), i'll just stand around and chit chat with my bf/friends hahaha...

                  but seriously, if evone is kind enough, it'll be a much better world


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                    Singaporeans are like this. At food court or hawkers, sometimes it?s obvious that the place is packed, and you are there standing waiting for the next empty table, they will just purposely take their own sweet time to leave. Even if they have finished with their food, they can continue sitting there to chat, or they will purposely eat sloooooooowly.

                    Not only that, it happened at parking lots too. They are already in their seats to retrieve their car, and you have signaled that you are waiting to go into their lot after their exit. Then, somehow, they will just take their own sweet time also. For some reason, their hp will ring, they will need to check their hp, or they need to look at themselves in the mirror, adjust their ties, touch up their face, search for don?t know what in the glove compartments, whatever, as long as they MADE you wait!!! So you are there like a fool, watching them do their activities. Or maybe you can even take a nap while waiting them to come out of their lot.


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                      YESYES! I agree with CaramelGirl about the car part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        Yes, caramel brought up another good example that happen in the car park. Maybe the thread title should be change to Excuse me, are you done? For all those who made people wait and wait.


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                          HAHAHAH i agree too- the carpark thingy...

                          Fitting Rooms too! haha


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                            Yes yes!! Fitting rooms especially!

                            Really get irritated when there's only 1 or 2 fitting rooms (like those in Fox), and more than 1 inconsiderate fella carrying a whole lot of clothes to try on, enter into the fitting room. This may take a hell of a long time coz they even try on each other's clothes. To make matters worse, when they come out of the fitting room, this usually means they want a better view of how they look in these clothes, taking their own sweet time to sashay here and there in front of 'admiring' glances.

                            Haha I know this is a lil exagerrated example but hey! We are all familiar with that! (or maybe, some of us are guilty of that even)


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                              Perharps I'm a too upfront person. If I think person is purposely being nasty. I'll not give face to them & question them. As I always think that I don't own them anything & you're finished with your stuffs so why need to let the person wait for you These people are sick, they should also encounter before. Like waiting for sick in foodcourt/ hawker center or carpark &.... They jolly well know how we feel, so why let people wait Need to do some soul-searching

                              P.S.: I'm a person who know my body very well. I only try my clothes in the fitting room if I don't feel comfortable about the cut.