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Beads, Findings Pricelist & Addies!

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  • Beads, Findings Pricelist & Addies!

    Here you go... Not all are in, but most are here.

    People, please add in to contribute!!
    Happy shopping

    P/S Forgot to mention:
    C. Rashiwala Bros 100, Arab St Mon-Sat 9am-6.30pm (62933385) sells BeadSmith Tools, prices rangefr. $8 (can get by) ~$14 (better ones)

    I bought a $5.00 mini round nose plier fr Silicon Electronics Co, #03-02, Sim Lim Tower . There isn't many on the shelf however and packging looks old. It still work for me nevertheless.
    It look like this
    Sim Lim Tower specialises in Electronics merchandise. Seems like good tools are all above $10.

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    Great thread GG!!!! I can't wait to have a summary of this! After i picked this hobby up i'll contribute too!


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      Storage Box

      I purchased my beads, findings & tools Storage Box from Toyogo Warehouse (post #185)

      Price range from $1.00 (small) - $3.50. Item code 2916, fr web is $3.20.
      These are white plastic box. NOT acrylic.

      There are also Handyman Tool box if you prefer that one but I didn't check out the price.
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