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Piano scores, esp for K/J dramas

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  • Piano scores, esp for K/J dramas

    Hi folks, just a suggestion. How about swapping scores, like classical or contemporary music? I personally am looking for scores to dramas like Summer Scent etc. These are quite hard to find. I have some Korean scores, so can start the ball rolling. =)

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    oh you play the piano too? anyway u can go to check out on the music scores bks... they hav quite alot on drama series and you can purchase them at most yamaha sch or some other music schs stated on their site


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      Hi thanks for the advice. I did go there previously and tried to order. I submitted my card number, but nothing was deducted from my account and nothing arrived. Scary! Music bookshop etc was out of the books 2 months ago. Not sure about now. =)


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        Free piano score websites

        Hi, just wanna share this website that features lotsa free piano scores of K/J music plus lotsa other genres. One of personal favorite websites:

        Piano Angel

        For score-sheets swapping, u can go to but this system works only through email so may take longer to obtain yr desired scores.

        Note: Mods, pls remove this if it's inappropriate to share such info.


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          Hi vantastica thanks for the hot tip! I went to take a quick look at the site, it looks good. =) Will definitely go back when I have more free time to surf.


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            Piano Music Scores

            where do get them? i am looking for jay chou's "an jin".

            if someone has it here, pls pm me, i am willing to buy.


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              Get all the song you want here!! :D


              I hope this site is useful to you guys! :D


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                The enchanted garden piano scores, kevin kern


                Can I just check anyone has the above piano scores?My 8 years old gal loves that piece so much but I am not able to find the score...Anyone care to share...thanks a lot....



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                  Originally posted by sassygirl_ View Post

                  I hope this site is useful to you guys! :D
                  Thank you so much.


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                    Foolish Heart - Time between dog and wolf

                    anybody knows how to get the music sheet for Time between dog and wolf OST - Foolish heart? I have been browsing some website, still couldnt find it.


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                      How about exchanging for those romantic pieces? I don't mean K/J dramas but more of fugues, nocturnes etc.

                      I've got quite some classical pieces, if anybody's interested.