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Shopaholic Therapy Wanted!!

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  • Shopaholic Therapy Wanted!!

    I need shopaholic therapy. The opposite from retail therapy. I am addicted to buying little things/accessories/etc. Though my budget allows but I really shouldn't be spending. I bought 4 necklaces, 2 scarves, 2 pairs of shoes 3 cardigans, 1 coat and a bag within 1 month. Is there any self-help therapies please let me know. TIA.

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    Oh dear, it seems like we have the same problem!

    Maybe what you could try doing is space out your purchases and make them "rewards" for your daily goals and ambitions. The more expensive the item, the more difficult to achieve that goal. For example, if I manage to resist a bad food craving for the day, I treat myself to a pair of cute earrings.

    Think that might help kill numerous birds with one stone?


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      i use to shop alot. Keep shopping and shopping.
      Simply can't resist buying everything i see

      but one day, i met a girlfriend of mine and we compare our savings.
      she has 3X of what i saved (we earn the same amount)

      I feel so remorseful and regretted on my impulse purchases
      i decided to buy only things i need and splurge on branded goods(e.g. LV, Chanel, Gucci) only.
      Do not buy unneccessary stuff


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        shopping is necessary but having enough to spend for the rest of your life is more important to me

        1. plan my purchases. opportunity cost
        2. do not buy from retail unless they are unavailable. (i do my research)
        3. i open my wardrobe and makeup collection and revamp colors.
        4. i leave my credit card with my SO whenever i feel like buying things. well, i can always buy online, cant i?
        5. i plan to buy a new property every 2 yrs so i have something to look forward.


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          i had the same problem here too.
          due to work and long working hours i am always very stressed
          the best therapy for me is have no idea how much i spend recently....easily hit sgd2000 if i am not wrong.....
          i cant help it too and the fact that i am feeling very lonely here and have not much friends....1 or 2 only.....
          i hate to travel alone if not i will surely spend my money on travelling.....
          think i need help too


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            versatile, spend some time on books and exploring new places!
            it is certainly lonely but some ME time will be nice...
            who knows what will come out of it?
            u are in london yeah?


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              Second Viv's suggestion. I think people underestimate themselves too oftentimes.. r/o

              I'd hate to loose battles to stuff like a skirt or a top. Sure I feel the high when I become the owner, but really, don't you think we're more like slaves to them??

              This is how I do it


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                one of the method I read from book is to save first. You should save about 20% of your income monthly, therefore when you get your paid, you save 20% of what you have into another account. POSB save-as-you-earn have this scheme. I used to use credit card alot but now I only save credit card for travelling and I paid with cash, so I will not use future $$.


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                  Use cash. Leave your CC at home or cut them away.

                  I have a credit card (my very first one) and within a year alone, I spent quite a few thousand dollars. And I even got a few hundred dollars of debt. Thank god my SO cleared it for me first.

                  Now, I only stick to my debit card. No buying on credit because it's really dangerous. I've learnt it the hard way.

                  And like what Glossie said, it's possible to overcome shopping temptations. I usually do my shopping online. In the past, I'd buy anything that's cheap (esp ON's bargains). But I realised that I buy them not because I need them but because they are cheap. So once I overcome the temptation, I get a surprising sense of satisfaction and that to me, is better than spending $$$ on things that I really do not need.


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                    Originally posted by natnatviv
                    versatile, spend some time on books and exploring new places!
                    it is certainly lonely but some ME time will be nice...
                    who knows what will come out of it?
                    u are in london yeah?
                    thks viv and gals.....i am indeed in ldn now....hate being alone frankly....but just didnt like to travel alone...cos i am damn hopeless with directions and maps...hahahha.....

                    i will try to curb it for sure cos this cant goes on.....if not i will be dead meat...

                    but at times cant resist the temptations especially during mango sales i bought sooo much stuff there and the fact i always like their brand as it seems more classy as compared to others.

                    i am debating whether to go NY for holidays alone too.....better than going europe alone due to language barriers....still debating... :Doh:


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                      its self control that matter?

                      I have err.. quite a few CC, but the reason I apply for them is to get further discounts ..

                      I wouldnt say I never exceed my budget before... but it still boils down to needs and wants ..

                      I usually class them into these stuff and slowly review ... ( i can take very long time ... )

                      HTHs .. not much I know, but just to share


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                        haha gal..fina a sugar daddy..hehe..joking..or be like till 2am everyday and i can't even shop...cause it's all close...pick up another new hobby..

                        but without retail therapy..i cant relax...i feel so uneasy..haha


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                          what about learning how to do craft? i cross stitch (ok, really rarely). but when i do cross stitch, i can sit there for hours. how about learning knitting etc? these craft materials are quite cheap right? perhaps spending time on craft will reduce time spent on shopping!


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                            Originally posted by versatile
                            thks viv and gals.....i am indeed in ldn now....hate being alone frankly....but just didnt like to travel alone...
                            Versatile & Viv, I am in Sydney alone as well. I know versatile is in ldn & Viv is in Melb. Because i'm alone, i give myself excuses to buy things to make myself happy. And i tell myself that i maybe be going back to singapore very soon, I dunno how long am I going to stay in Sydney, so i just buy ***. I swear to god that I only buy really cheap things, u know how nice it is to shop in sydney where you get good fashion at good price. Actually I keep aside a good 60% of my pay but i realise recently that I spent a huge sum on impulse shopping and on things that I dun really need. :Doh:

                            I'm afraid I'll get into the habit of spending, which I'm already used to spending A$10 everyday on lunch plus coffee and I'm comfortable with that. That's why i'm troubled.


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                              by the way, i set my eyes on a quiksilver denim jacket which cost A$139.95. I did not buy and i shouldn't buy, but i have been thinking abt it since and even dream of myself buying it. :D Control, control, control...