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  • Soft Toys - Care & Maintanence

    Hi all!!

    I would like to ask, how do you girls keep your plush toys dust-free? Do you wash them frequently?

    My bearies and piggies are getting very dusty, cos i'm seldom at home, and they trapped alot of dusts

    How do I clean them?

    Any idea how much it costs to send to laundry? Or can we just throw them into washing machine to spin ?

    Please help save my bears
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    Don't throw them in the washer! too cruel
    and it might destroy them as well,thus do not try!

    I have quite a few plush toys myself,some are my old SSC collectables.
    The two big ones given by my bf Cookie Monster and Elmo are very big and I bring them to a professional laundry service every half-yearly.
    They will clean the plush of any surface dirt/dust/stains thoroughly,no soaking of course. A dry-cleaning prodecure follows and then another surface cleaning afterwards.
    It costs about $30 for both and it's worth it imo,hassle-free and CLEAN!

    Other smaller plush items of mine are usually stored in a display cabinet,hardly any dust at all. I only wipe them with a damp cloth and spray some sanitizer to kill germs.Sunning them would be good as well.

    Hope that wasn't too long lol


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      Finally someone came for my bear rescue!

      I think sunning bears will make the color fade know those bears where its placed in the car, the colors always runs off...

      how big is your elmo & cookie mon? Mine are all small small bears given to me by SO. They very i want to clean them.. But like will be so expensive..I have around 20 small bears/piggies/hippo whatever hahhaa

      Maybe i should go to a laundry to ask, see if they give me discounts for so many!


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        Hey cUp! what a unique username lol

        I don't sun my Elmo and Cookie Mon! they're afraid of the sun,just like me!
        I place the small stuffies on the balcony,not directly under the sun but enough to get the "heat".

        Elmo and Cookie Monster are about half-size of me -I'm 1.575m short,go figure lol

        I think for 20 of the small plush toys they can dryclean altogether,shouldn't cost too much.I'm estimating less than $40 for a thorough cleaning maybe? :eh:


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          erm, i just throw the smaller plush toys into a lingerie bag or pillowcase and wash in the washing machine. works fine for me.


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            <40$ for a dryclean still affordable!

            :wow: your elmo and cookie mon are quite bears are the most 30-50cm tall...hehe..

            vixette: Really? you throw everything into washing machine? i'm afraid they come out disfigured or squashed or out of shape...


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              nope, i just pummel and box them till the stuffing all moves back in place. helps also that the plushies i have are 'short furred' so even after washing, the 'fur' doesn't get matted or knotted.


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                Reviving this thread a little...

                vixette : I think we have the same Cookie Monster & Elmo soft toys! I bought mine from Mini Toons recently during a promotion.

                As my Cookie Monster is very new, it smells of the synthetic fuzz/fur. Is there any way I can make it smell more pleasant? I thought of spritzing it with a little perfume, but am afraid of staining the soft toy.


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                  I bought this Non-Chemical spray from my friend's company to kill off dust mites and bacteria on my soft toys (i am super allergic to dust mites). Apparently helps to freshen up the smell as well cos the spray is made of natural orange oil something like that. If you want you have to contact the office as they don't sell their spray at any retail shop. Tel No is 6749-1950.


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                    i put them into netted washing bags and send them for a spin in the washing machine....
                    then blow dry using my hairdryer....or sun them if i'm feeling lazy....

                    takes about 1-2hr depending on far so good


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                      pinkrevolver: which dry cleaners do you go to?


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                        whenever my soft toys fell onto floor.......... dirty! so i will just put them in laundry nets and throw them in for a wash. after that i use (clothes) dryer to dry them. so far so good. last time is sun under hot sun or so but the furs are like clumping together. now use dryer, like new from factory. so nice!


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                          i have this huge hello kitty (about a metre in height when stretched out), i cant fit it in my washing machine, have tried squashing it in to no avail . wonder if there are any dry cleaners who can take on this big cat


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                            I think you can send her to the dry cleaners. Iirc, most dry cleaners will be able to give her a good bath

                            I normally dump my boy's soft toys into the washing machine and they came out clean clean and smell nice nice


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                              I put my soft toys into the washing machine to wash and it becomes out of shape
                              Now, I either wipe them using a wet cloth and dry them using hair dryer