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  • Baby's shoes

    searched around but could not find any particular thread on shoes specifically...

    I'm shopping for my baby's first pair of shoes... saw a pair of Shoo shoes today that i totally fell in love with. it's a very retro looking pair of sports shoo shoes. similar to this one but in a really funky red and brown color combi

    but they didn't have her size!!! she fitted into the 6-12mth just nicely, but no room for expansion, and they didn't have it in the other branches (kiddy palace) as well.

    where else can i find them together with the other soft shoes brands such as robeez (they have really nice designs!), bobux etc... best is if they are all in one shop/mall. it's rather tiring to sling her and look around so many places just to compare. TIA!

    btw, any reviews or comments about these shoes would be very much appreciated as well.

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    Hard to find nice shoo shoo designs in store. I bought one pair for dd when she was 10 months. Love that design and only pair left on shelf. So grab it immediately. (will take a pic of it later) Bought from Kidsmall. Those left on shelf are more boyish designs

    Colettee has very very nice design and comforty shoes for babies too. Bought a pair during GSS. Will put on for her once she master walking


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      Here's my girl's shoo shoo

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        i saw this pair but only had 18-24 mths size, which was way too big, and anyway i thought by then she will be walking with harder soles than shoo shoes since she will be really walking and might stub her feet...

        of all the shoes, none were her size....

        i can't believe i have a lemming for a baby's shoe! i actually have lemmings for her clothes as well, it's like i have to get my hands on them


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          haha I know what you mean Actually the shoo shoo I bought was for 6-12mth too and there's still room for expansion for her now, I agree to get solid sole for them when they're walking. Seriously, try Colettee, they have very good range.


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            where's colettee? TIA!

            ETA : to answer my own question, i've googled and found it at united square
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              the shoo shoe in the 1st post is very nice!!! i'm actually super lemming it for my bf's niece!! Where can i find it?! but she's 14 months now.....


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                they have it at Tanglin Mall too.


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                  I brought the shoes for my girl in mothercare. It looks abit like the first pic except that it is in light blue.


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                    bought her bobux shoes today from mothers work.

                    more expensive than shoo shoes but they only had two pairs of tiny shoo shoes left and apparently they are not bringing any more.

                    saw robeez shoes too but they were even MORE expensive...

                    now that i let her walk in public, she is suddenly more keen to be on her feet... can kind of lead her around with one hand...


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                      juliet: you seen it in red? i still very much prefer the red! so cute!!!!

                      Slightly out of topic: do you know there's knee guards for babies out there? I bought a pair for my bf's niece and his sis was so amused by the knee guards! and glad they served well....


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                          Mel, the robeez shoes very cute right? I almost succumbed to this one

                          but luckily the lady was not very friendly so I didn't want to buy from her... haha I'm a sucker for good CS.

                          cup, the mothercare shoes are a different type, not soft leather ones like these but harder, i think meant for older toddlers who are walking... think will be really hard to find shoo shoes in the particular design that i posted.... if you do must let me know too!


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                            SURE! i hope i can dig out the red pair!!! Tempted to buy online!! the shoo shoes are so cute!!!!! i went to the webby..arg!! so lemming for it!!


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                              The boots are so cute!!


                              Cute sandals!!