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    hi cUp

    Oh those baby shoes really cute and i'm so lemming for it now!!Where can i get them?
    These also nice...


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      Yes yes all the shoes are so cute.
      But more for the girl ler, and thing for boy ?


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        opps!! Forgot about baby boys! heh!! Some adidas shoes i saw are so cute also! but it might to too hard for small babies check it out

        Seldom check in this cozymom forum, but spotted the shoe and its just so cute!! i still have a looooooooooooong way to becoming a mummy but haha it's just so cute to shop for babies stuffs!!!
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          i so agree Cup - those you posted are so adorable. lemming lemming.... :wow:


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            But i once heard on the news a Taiwan doctor mentioned that kids below 4 years old aren't encouraged to wear shoes. Because their feets are not fully developed and still growing. I think maybe softer shoes(cloth material) will be better or sandals etc. Cos they're worried that it might alter the shape of the babies' feet while growing..and cause problems in future. Like the chinese traditional 3inch feet kind of theory..? Anyway, can do more research on this...

            ahh so cute. When i saw babies shoes during shopping i feel like just buying it and put it at home. My bf always say, can use to hold hp..but i think alot of people do that right?

            Dear mummies, please post your buys ..then i can check it out for my bf's niece as well..SO CUTE!! haha


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              Starchild is also avaliable at Tanglin Mall at Mother and Child.

              Shoes the likes of shoo shoo and robeeze, starchild and etc. are all good first walking shoes because they do not have a sole, it is ridiculous NOT to let a child below 4 to wear shoes this information is NOT accurate.

              When your child is learning to walk you should let them wear shoes without a sole afterwhich they are walking properly then you can buy shoes with flat heel and also wide toe space.


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                Heard of this? Preschoolians


                Read this off an american baby forum, one of the best sellers.

                To me, it is a good design coz the soles are soft and the best thing about it is that there is this transparent bit in the sole whereby you can check if your baby is growing out of the shoes!

                I am going to order it and am waiting for their measuring shoe device to arrive in the mail.

                I dunno how to attach the pics... anyway, I want to order the red sporty mary janes.

                there is a 15% discount for 1st time orders.


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                    Can't believe I have only just discovered Bobux and Shoo Shoo. The shoes all look so cute! Now I have lemmings for so many pairs!

                    I have some questions for mommies who have bought their babies these shoes:

                    1) Was your baby already walking when you bought him/her the shoes? I understand that the soles are very soft so can they walk properly in them?
                    2) Does the elastic part of the shoes cut into the baby's skin? It seems rather tight.
                    3) Are the shoes too warm for our climate?

                    My baby already has 7 pairs of shoes so I can't justify getting her another pair..hehehee...have to make sure first before I take the plunge!


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                      1) nope, not walking yet. assisted walking.
                      2) the elastic doesn't cut in. doesnt' even leave a mark on the skin.
                      3) nope, they are made of leather so supposed to be breathable unlike usual polyester? shoes that will be hot and make the feet sweat.

                      Ariel! 7 pairs already!!!


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                        Thanks for your reply, wanderlust!

                        Ya, 7 pairs because I go crazy shopping for baby when there are sales

                        She's outgrowing 2 pairs. The other five pairs are too big for her at the moment so I am thinking of getting a pair of Bobux or Shoo Shoo for her to wear for the birthday party. Not sure which sizes to get though. She now wears Size 2-3.


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                            Ariel those shoes would be a good buy, I let my girl wear such shoes till she was formally walking on her own then I switched.

                            I am sure you would find more buys to come. My daughter has 21 pairs of shoes before her 18mth and now over 40+ pairs! I must be crazy but I cannot resist esp trips to HK where they have Nike and Adidas designs in mary janes and etc that cannot be found in Singapore!

                            Oh another justification for her shoes is that I never buy a size too big and some of her earlier shoes she would outgrow them in a week or two. I believe in a good fit thus her shoe collection is always growing.


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                              Which design did you get her, Mel? And what size?


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                                WOW, 40+ pairs??? That's more than what I have..hehehehe...

                                Did you mean that Bobux and Shoo Shoo will still be good to wear even she's walking properly? She can now take 4-5 steps unaided but not really walking all the way yet.

                                I am now thinking of getting a pair of Bobux and a pair of Shoo Shoo...probably a bit bigger so that she can get more wear out of them. I just cannot justify getting a pair that she can only wear for a few weeks!