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  • yup I agree. I think my maid is the best thing to ever happen to me ... BUT, I never leave her at home with my kids ... she is always with me. I think it's just better to be safe than sorry. I am a SAHM so it's easy for me to do it. My hubby and I agreed that even if we have to attend a wedding or etc, we will get my mom to come over to supervise OR bring them all over to my mom's place.

    At the end of the day, it's your kids' welfare and safety at stake.


    • imo, we must also remember not to overload the helpers too, and to also make sure that we don't expect them to do anything we ourselves can't or won't do. all humans have a limit, and if pushed too hard, will take out the frustration on something or somebody.


      • happybean,
        I agree with you. We must make sure that the maid has enough food and rest. Also, we should treat them with respect and dignity. Just think about how we wish our boss will treat us, we should treat the maid the same way too.

        I also try not to leave my maid alone with my hubby and the kids. Not that I don't trust my hubby, it's just that I don't trust the maid. She may make false accusations. Call me paranoid, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


        • Yup... cannot be trusted at all.

          I was thinking last time of getting one for my parents to ease us of housework & cooking. But now i rather not. Wait more problems then comfort...

          Now also scare to eat things cooked by my SO's maid. Scared she "add ingredients" into the food.


          • I think maids are not necessary unless really needed. 'Costs' may outweigh benefits. If you're lucky to find a good maid, better to keep her longer 'cause good maids are really hard to find.


            • i had several encounter with maids. ...had the worse with the previous one. she stolen my mom stuff and she told me its my mom who gave it to her.
              of course there's always good and bad.

              we just got this maid for around 2 mths within this period she throw her temper and wanted to go back to indon .. i thought maybe she's new and forget after she apologised.

              just recevied a call from the agent this afternoon..
              he called to tell me that my maid at home actually called her sister in indonesia to complaint that she always had not enough to eat.

              i was like . kaozz...this shouldnt be happened.

              there only 4 adult and 1 doggie at home.. that's my mom(now in china). sister, me and my SO. so 3 of us only! all of us got to work and she's left alone at home all the time.
              there's hardly any work for her to do at home .. purely only household chores. and the maid can actually iron the clothes for HOURS, we didnt confront her as there's nothing to do at home..

              i asked the agent to call her directly at home and communicate with her, mayb there's breakdown in between. she told the agent that MOst of the time there's no food at home.!!! BUT WE REALLY HAVE MAKAN AT HOME i told my mom about the whole incident ...this make me really berserk!!
              after listening to all this stupid things i decided to get a replacement... so this moral of the story is NEVER NEVER NEVER... TO TRUST MAIDS!!!!!!!!


              • Yap, tamarind..i know.. tats y i kept saying to her she is part of the family but i still need to keep an eye on her. esp since my 3 sons can be a handful. luckily my elder son can talk.. so he can sort of be my little spy. hubby & i will call home once a while to keep chk. tats y im feeling anxious since i'll b going back to werk next month.. i will also tell my neighbour to keep an eye on herif shes home. anw thnx tamarind..i jus hope she will not b those ungrateful ones..

                I agree with you that you will never know what kind of maid you get. I used to have a maid who is very good. It took me more than 2 years to discover that her true colors. I have written about what happened in my earlier posts.

                You may not like to read this.

                I feel that all maids should be supervised at all times, especially when you have very young kids/babies at home who cannot tell you what happen. Never leave the maid alone with the kids. She may look OK on the surface, but you never know what kind of psycho she is.

                There was this article in the New Paper, about a maid who looks after a 4 year old girl on her own. She regularly brings her boyfriend back home, and will lock the girl in the room, while she has a good time with her boyfriend. She threatened the girl not to say anything to her mommy. Later she broke up with her boyfriend, who was so angry, he called the mommy and told her everything. Just imagine how traumatised the little girl was.

                It is never safe to leave kids alone with the maid. No matter how good you think she is. And don't think if you treat her very well, she will not do anything funny. There are many ungrateful people in this world.[/QUOTE]


                • Originally posted by pinkneow View Post
                  just recevied a call from the agent this afternoon..
                  he called to tell me that my maid at home actually called her sister in indonesia to complaint that she always had not enough to eat.
                  I agree with you, never trust maids. My second last maid did that too. She called the Phillipines embassy. Bloody hell . Say we make her do lots of work and didn't let her eat. Crazy woman. She only came for 2 days and my mum even cooked for her because she don't know how to cook!! We sent her back within a week.


                  • my SO's maid claimed she "lost" my christian dior bag's box/cover and warranty card!!! thank god i still have the bag. it makes me mad because now i cant bring it back to dior for cleaning and stuff, and also makes it harder if i wanna sell it away!!!!

                    unbelievable that she "doesnt know" what christian dior is! SO's mum has loads of designer bags, i'm sure she knows how valuable they are. also missing: some face masks, lip balms etc.


                    • I guess I have been pretty lucky. My domestic helper is very good with Daniel and she really knows how to entertain him. He can be quite a screamer at times and is the super restless sort so I'm quite amazed how patient she is with him. She's a little absent-minded though so we need to remind her every now and then. However, like all the other mommies, hubby and I usually don't leave them alone at home unless we're just running out to get groceries and will be back within the hour. Otherwise, my mum will come over to supervise or we'll pack both my helper and Daniel off to my in-law's.

                      I buy my helper practically everything that she needs, and I got her some nice trendy tops, cardigan and shoes so that she is dressed properly when we all go to church together on Sunday mornings. I know employers who buy the ugliest and cheapest clothes and shoes for their helpers and I think that's a really horrid thing to do. I share my magazines and romance novels with her and my in-laws' helper because they don't really go out and recently, I've encouraged her to watch TV on Sat nights. Helpers are human just like us. It's not fair to expect them to work and work without any form of entertainment or recreational activities. My family and relatives treat all our helpers like part of the family and they receive their share of Xmas gifts and birthday celebrations just like any of us. If we treat them well and maintain the appropriate distance, I think helpers will appreciate and reciprocate too.


                      • I am less fortunate.

                        I was really very nice to my ex-maid. I bought nice clothes, those which I will wear myself. I even bought her diamond necklace from SK jewellery, and bought pearl ear rings for her daughter. Every week she was given $50 to buy whatever she likes to eat. She has gone on luxury cruises with us, and has been to HK Disneyland. I gave her $280 hong bao each on her birthday, Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. When we go outside to eat, she would eat the same food as us. The most expensive one was the brunch at Raffles hotel, $55+++ per person, where she can eat as many lobsters as she like.

                        After working for us for one year, she told us that her mother had died. I let her go home for 4 days. The second year, she told me that her sister had just returned home from Saudi, and she had not seen her for many years. I let her go home for a few days to see her.

                        How does she repay me ? When she brought my girl to playgroup, she met with her boyfriend. They openly touched each other in front of my girl. I sent her back immediately as soon as I found out. After she left, my second maid told me that her mother is still alive !!! She had lied that her mother died !!!

                        I have learnt my lesson well. I will make sure that my maid has enough food and rest. I will treat them with dignity and respect. Nothing more. And I will never trust a maid.
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                        • anybody here has myanmar maid? my maid contract expiring in another 6mths.. she doesnt cook.. or deliberately cook a mess that we cant eat.. although she cleans very well and take care of my kids okay. but my priority has changed, i need some one who can cook.


                          • Hi all,
                            Here's to warn you to what extend the maid agency will lie about their maids.

                            My ex-maid is looking for employer again. Here's her biodata.


                            This is written in her biodata.

                            She work in Singapore with Chinese Family for 2 years and 8 months. Taking Care of Young Childrens, Elderly, Cooking & Cleaning. She have 3 siblings, she is the 2nd in the family. Her salary is S$300 with 1 off day.

                            It seems like she worked for 1 employer only, right ? Wrong !

                            Before me she changed 7 employers, all worked for less than a few months, some for a few days only. I am her employer 8. After I sent her back, her boyfriend applied for her to come back. Then she got a new employer. So total 10 employers !!! Her employer 10 wanted to send her back to Indonesia after a few months, but she ran away to the agency.

                            Never believe in what the maid agency said about a maid !

                            You can check the maid's employment history at MOM website.


                            Click Login to WP online. You need to enter your IC number and SingPass.

                            Scroll down the left column. Look for Enquire Employment History. You will need to enter the maid's WP number. Every maid will have the same WP number no matter how many times they change employer. The maid agency should be able to provide you with their WP number, even before you hire them.
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                            • Hi Tamarind.. thanks for the info.. how can the maid agency be so untrue. no wonder one of my colleague who is experienced in employing maids said never trust the maid agency and the maids if go back with bad record, can always change name and come back as a new maid.


                              • Originally posted by tamarind View Post
                                Scroll down the left column. Look for Enquire Employment History. You will need to enter the maid's WP number. Every maid will have the same WP number no matter how many times they change employer. The maid agency should be able to provide you with their WP number, even before you hire them.
                                That's very useful... Thanks Tamarind.

                                Can I know for ex-SGP maid who have left SGP for many years, I would assume their old WP wouldn't have been expired, is that correct? Meaning if they return back to SGP they would be issued new WP number and we can't trace their history... Can anyone confirm this?

                                Thanks in advance.