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    Hi Tamarind,

    Thanks for yr advice.

    My mum is currently looking after my 1st baby. But i doubt she can cope when the 2nd one comes along. So if I employ a maid, i will be sending all to my mum's place every morning and fetch them home at nite. No problem with MOM rite? The problem is with my current place(a 4 room flat), there is really not much room or space to avoid each other. My new place will only be ready next year end and only then can i use the utility room as the maid's room. There goes my storeroom!!!!!!!!

    Can i know how much u need to employ a maid?


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      A lot of people are sending their maid to their parents or in-laws place, so I suspect MOM is closing one eye already. But do note that MOM rule states that the maid can only perform household chores at the address stated in her work permit card. So make sure your maid concentrates on looking after the baby at your Mum's place.

      The maid levy is about $200, for Indon maid is about $290 now, more for an experienced maid. The maid's food should come up to around $80 - $100 per month. So total about $600.

      You need to pay the agency fee which can range from $300 - $500. Make sure you read the agency contract very carefully. Some have very unfair rules, like you have to use the maid for at least 30 days before changing, don't agree to this ! Also find those that allow you to use post-dated cheques, don't pay the $2000 maid loan upfront.

      Be very careful about getting transfer maids. I heard from another forum, that there are 2 horrible maids currently waiting to be transferred at the agencies !


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        Hi Tamarind,

        Sorry a little confused. The agent fee is a one-off payment or monthly pymt? I read somewhere that we also need to buy insurance rite? There is also some rebate on the maid levy rite?

        So the $600/- you mentioned is the monthly cost.


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          Yes the agent fee is one-off. You can buy insurance with the agent, I think it is about $100-$200.

          $200 maid levy is already after rebate. $600 is the monthly cost.


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            Hi Tamarind,

            Thank you so much. One last thing, the insurance is one-off or monthly?



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              Katia... I totally agree with you that it's not worth keeping a maid that's unwilling to work. You're better off sending her back and have a fresh start. If financially you can afford it, get the new maid to come 1 month before the old maid leaves and hope that your gal can get use to the new maid during that period of time, I wonder if that's feasible.

              I'll be doing somthing similar but with a nanny instead. There will be an interim period which I'll have both maid and nanny.

              Cindy... another alternative is to get a nanny around your area. Because I don't have any relatives in SG and that I too don't feel comfortable having a maid to look after babies, I've opted to employ a nanny. And I must say that I'm very lucky to have the same (& reliable) nanny to look after my kids for 5.5 years (daycare, Mon-Fri). I was working fulltime then.
              The only disadvantage getting a nanny as compare to a maid is, I still have to handle all house chore, night feeding and suffering sleepless nights if kids are fussy when ill. Also, needless to say weekends is very hectic. But this is something which both husband and wife will have to work together on.
              I've endured this process waiting for my kids to grow up more. And now it's about time both hubby and I feel more comfortable to employ a maid....

              I don't know yet how I should break this news to my nanny!!!
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                Originally posted by Cindy
                Hi Tamarind,

                Thank you so much. One last thing, the insurance is one-off or monthly?

                Insurance is one-off ranging from $68- $150. renewable every 2 years only when she wants to renew her contract.


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                  Originally posted by Cindy

                  I need some advice here. I have a 6mth old baby and just found out I am pregnant again. So I will definetely need a maid by middle of next year.

                  Have some questions : -

                  1) Any1 having maids from Nepal/Vietnam/Myanmar? Maybe can share yr experiences. I am afraid of getting Indonesians maids after so many horrible incidents. Also dun have to worry abt their 'fasting'.

                  2) Where do yr maid sleep?

                  3)If i dun intend to employ a maid, is it too 'cruel' to send a 14mths old baby to childcare? What is the minimium age for childcare?

                  4) I am a working mum and my husband dun really like the idea of having a stranger living with us. Still trying to convince him. Quite stressed thinking abt coping with 2 young babies. Any1in the same situation before, can share yr experience? Can be a source of encouragement for me.

                  Thank you.

                  1. No experience having maids of those nationality but having said that, it doesn't represent that they will have less trouble. one thing is that since there are lesser number in those grps there are lesser chances but remember they can always mix with other people not of their nationality.

                  Indonesian/ Phillippina still have good maids dep on your luck maybe you will chance upon them.

                  2. Maid sleeps in the children room but my child is still sleeping with me.

                  3. It's not cruel but very heartbreaking to be away for so long, maybe a nanny would be better? There is infant care accepting as young as 2mths iirc.

                  4. Err me quite the opp. I don't want the maid but hb quite insistant extra help is good.


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                      Originally posted by Medusa
                      Can anyone advise me how to pay the maid? Open bank account with ATM card for her, OR, open joint account with both mine & her name that needs both signatures for any withdrawal so that I accompany her whenever she needs to draw from it (of cos everything in it IS hers), OR?
                      Cos 1st option seems insecure in the sense that she could withdraw everything and MIA (while my baby/ toddler is sleeping, which is dangerous for them!)?

                      Also, about off-days... do I stipulate a timing, from what time in the morning until any "curfew"?
                      I send my maid back for good just 2 months ago. SIGH

                      Anyway, what I did is.
                      My maid don't hold any cash with her. I keep her salary with me and keep records of all salary in and any expenses made by her... (Like a Simple book-keeping account with IN, OUT and BALANCE Coloum.

                      As I'm a stay-home mother of 2 young kids.. so I have a maid (like an extra pair of hands) to help me ...more on taking care of the house chores.. and when I'm really tied up, she helps me to play with the kids...etc

                      So, practically she don't need to buy much stuff.. and if she needs, she just have to tell me...and I will deduct from her salary accordingly. So every month, I will show her the book...she sign for the salary and expenses accordingly. (to show that she has checked that the account is correct.) ALSO, the good part of this system is if I found any CASH with her it means... that those $$$$$ doesn't belongs to her.

                      Anyway, becaused I used this recording system... I found out my maids stealing money a few times, gave her a warning. And finally 2 months ago..she did something really BAD BAD ... that was my last straw... Although she is really good.. can cook well, my girl loves her company.....we were all really quite close... But...I guess what she did ...SIGH.....I just could not trust her anymore, therefore we send her back.

                      I can't say that all maids are bad...there are good one too! Its really depends on your "luck".

                      My friends..just gave the lump sum of salary to their maid. no need to open account. Cos' can you imagine...everytime...she will keep going to the ATM machine to withdraw money!!! Anyway...their salary isn't a lot... and most of the time..they send about 50 to 70% of their money back home. point to put in a bank account. Anyway, this is my opinion.


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                        For me, I gave my maid $250 cash and helped her to "save" $100 every month. I have opened a bank account for her, in our joint names, but either party (and/or type of account)can withdraw. I keep the bank book with me. However, many times, my maid will request not to save the money, and take the whole lump sum of $350 cash.

                        Re money matters, can I know how you folks manage? My maid does the marketing as well, and she has total freedom to go downstairs to buy things from the provision shops (only when I'm at home and she will tell me before going downstairs). I will usually put some money ($50 to $70) in a purse and she will take that purse to buy stuff: weekly marketing and daily stuff like bread, eggs, onions etc... I know this is not a good method because the money is so accessible. I sometimes try to "check" by asking her how much she spent in the market, and then she rattles off how much for pork, chicken, beef, veggies blah blah... I also blur and it's difficult to keep track this way also, because there is always small change and notes in the purse, plus the "bigger amount" I put in when I know she is going to do some major marketing.

                        Faith, can I ask how you find out about your maid stealing the money? My maid has money on her own, so I am not sure how I can ascertain that my maid is totally honest... And I also don't go through her belongings. Must I do that? I would really hate to do so! Also, if you don't mind, can I know what is the bad thing that you rmaid did? This is not because I want to be a busybody, but because I have so little experience with maids (as anybody can see!!!) and there are many things they can do that it won't even occur to me. So at least, if I know what maids can get up to, I can be more aware of the danger signs etc... However, if it's too personal, it's ok!

                        My current system is based totally on trust and I would hate it if this trust is abused. Oh dear... I really need to find a better way of managing the common kitty. Also, hubby has the habit of leaving small change around...*sigh* Have tried to scoop up any loose change in sight, but I guess one can only do so much, huh...

                        Medusa, about off-days, I am equally bad.... I didn't stipulate any time at all. Even asked her when she is coming back for dinner, so we can wait for her to go out eat! I know, I know, I am a frightening example huh???


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                          buying outside food is considered luxury die I scared I am pampering my maid! we also behaved like katia buy whatever also got her share too coz my hubby said must treat her like a part of family member then she will treat our bb good so I can't argue with him abt this part *** but i think i try to cook more for dinner then leftover for her lunch try out this method first and see how she react

                          got one thing want to mention my maid do housework damn good and with initiative even my washing machine clean until like brand new but taking care of my newborn is still one problem. Just yesterday she try to burp my bb on the sofa she was trying to hold him straight then she herself want to lean down against the sofa so I saw my bb like in an awkward position I told her off said she should have sit up straight so bb can lean on her body to burp as his body still very "soft"

                          Then today while I was having a nap my mum told me she did the same thing lean down against the sofa while trying to feed and burp my bb and my mum told her off again.

                          I was pissed off but did not tell her off coz i was not there during the incident! How come I told her just yesterday today she try to do it again cannot get it inside her brain!

                          Question: how to make sure she will do whatever I instruct her on taking care of my bb?


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                            GG, I did think about making the decision for my maid (since she seems to be having such difficulty deciding) and not renewing her contract, but I heard stories of how my SIL's maids "work" (apparently just sit around at my mom's place), so a bit weary in getting someone new to help me. Because at least my current maid functions on auto-pilot.

                            I am not bossy by nature, and I would find it extremely tedious if I have to instruct and supervise everytime. I can't imagine living such a life! My hubby and I treat our maid like family because she takes care of our daughter, who is most precious to us. We don't want her taking out her unhappiness on our girl! But after treating our maid so well, it doesn't seemed as if she appreciates it. Maids simply shouldn't be spoilt, and I think we have spoilt ours.

                            What irks me is her lacklustre attitude--she seems to have slacken now as compared to the first year she worked for us. We were too generous with her last year, or rather, beginning of this year and now that the time has come to renew her contract, she thinks she is getting the upper hand. Incidentally, do I need to increase her pay?? I am not inclined to!


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                              cc_lia, you sound like me!!! I also didn't really dare to tell the maid off because she sleeps with our daughter and is her primary care giver! Anyway, the reason why I got this maid in the first place is because she is experienced in taking care of children, which I know nuts about, so I really depended on her! I'm a horrible mummy...

                              I think maids persisting in doing what they want to do despite being told otherwise is a common problem. For me, I will tell my maid and explain to her the reasons why I want certain things done this way or why it must be done that way. But if I should see her doing the same thing despite my instructions, then for the next few days, I will sorta "follow" her around, and look closely at what she is doing, and asking her questions. Because I am not usually like this, think she gets the hint and rectify pronto.


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                                the agent told me this maid got experience in taking care of newborns thats why we get her but from the way I see her taking care of my bb I really don't think so though I must give her credit for doing housework really very good.

                                anyway, I really afraid of leaving her along with my bb, me or my mum always around to monitor her maybe after training sometime down the road she will improve...hopefully