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Magazine swap, anyone?

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  • Magazine swap, anyone?

    i was thinking we could start a magazine-swapping thing. because mags are only browsed through once and then forgotten. so maybe we could each buy a mag and exchange? anybody willing to organise?

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    I think it's not a bad idea, we could swap. But someone has to come up with a system of swapping


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      yeah any kind soulbody who has the time to organise please...??


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        yupe i agree! i have usually lotsa of mags to sell / swap .. thats a great idea!


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          Dolly April 2009 Australian Issue Brand NEW

          • Seriously Hot Denim - The best Trends. Styles. Prices.
          • Love your Hair - 12 Cute As Styles That'll reinvent your look
          • 16 Candles 6 Celebes $134,000 parties. Inside the OTT world of Super Sweet 16s.
          • Selena Gomez tells us everything. Curfew, bad boys and that celebrity feud.
          • Your One-way Ticket to Boy Town! He is just that into you. How to tell
          • Love confessions
          • Say Goodbye to Shy! (& be the fiercest girl in your group)

          What's hot in mag:

          SELENA GOMEZ
          We were dying to know more about the girl who's rumoured to be dating Nick Jonas, is besties with Demi Lovato, stars in the Wizards of Waverley Place, has a debut album coming out … So what did we do? We got her to talk to us, that's what! Selena's our cover girl this month, and as well as looking adorable, she also reveals some pretty interesting info, including that feud with Miley. We've also paid her some attention on the site; see why we're loving her style.

          Do you yawn every time you open your wardrobe? It's time to spruce things up, and we've got the lowdown on everything you need to look so right now, right now! We cover the new girlie-Goth trend (not as scary as it sounds!), show you how to wear jeans that make you look H-O-T (fo' real), and reveal the colour celebs are going nuts for right now. Want the proof? Check out the slide of celebs wearing purple.

          Would you expect your parents to pay for a helicopter to drop off the invitations to your 16th birthday party? What about an elephant to ride on to make an entrance? Take a peek inside the world of OTT 16th birthday parties for the rich and famous; these kids aren't satisfied with a backyard barbie, no way! Don't forget to check out some clips from the new My Super Sweet 16 TV show.

          This month's real-life reads seem too crazy to be true, but we assure you, they are. Did you hear about Hannah from Tasmania who was attacked by a shark? She sat down with DOLLY and gave us her first-hand account of that frightening day. Plus, there's Aaron, who heard his girlfriend kill herself over the phone; and Meredith, who's head over heels in love with her boyf, Dustin, who lost his arms and legs when he was five. Find a comfy seat and settle in for a few good reads.

          Retails for AUD7.95
          Swap for $12 or Sell for $10

          Condition: Brand New. Unread.


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            i am willing to swap magazines for wedding or international magazines

            All Australian April 2009 Issue
            Some not even out in Newstands

            Harper's Bazaar April 2009 Scarlett Johansson

            Have read it but in very Good condition.
            Retails for AUD10.95

            CLEO April 2009 Anne Hathaway

            Have read it but in very Good condition.
            Retails for AUD7.20

            In Style April 2009 Magazine Jennifer Aniston

            Have read it but in very Good condition.
            Retails for AUD7.95

            SHOP TIL YOU DROP April 09 Isla Fisher

            Have read it but in very Good condition.
            Retails for AUD7.40

            Dolly April 2009 NEW Selena Gomez

            (brand new, have not read it)
            Retails for AUD7.95

            for looking
            See my blog for more details