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    Was wondering if anyone have any idea where is the warehouse that sells lotsa baby stuff which was shown in Zoe Tay's show?


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    hi shellko
    this is the website



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      Originally posted by tulips
      hi shellko
      this is the website

      Thanks Tulips. Trying to look for it cos wanna buy stuff for my BF's dasao. I now go see see look look.


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        Zoe?s Treasure Trove

        You can access the information of Zoe's show via

        Personally, I choose the English Edition -> Variety -> Zoe's Treasure Trove -> See places visted! (Episodic Synposis) and you can see a list of places she visited in the show.


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          Warehouses for babies' stuff

          Heard from a friend that there's two warehouses at Kaki Bukit (very near to White Link and somewhere near Automart) - Baby Kingdom and Baby Hyperstore. The latter is more popular as there's some authenticity problem with the former store.


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            Cloe, thanks for the links. That's really helpful.

            I'm looking for the place that teaches baby sign languages. Any idea?


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              i didn't watch the programme. what are the stuffs sold at the respective warehouses? can someone tell me? thanks alot!


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                Originally posted by Queenie
                Cloe, thanks for the links. That's really helpful.

                I'm looking for the place that teaches baby sign languages. Any idea?
                saw this on the link that cloe posted.. is this the one u looking for?


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                  Have visited both Baby Kingdom and Baby Hyperstore. Dont quite like Baby Kingdom feel the SA a bit hard sales and i found that Baby hyperstore got more choice and well known brand for stroller. Personally have brought a stroller from Baby Hyperstore found the price ok not cheap compare to outside store but is good to see the stroller there cos i think they have most of the brands so you can see all the model you want at compare at one time dont have to visit many shop to compare


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                    Look out for Baby Fair in Isetan from 2 - 23 Sep.
                    Most brands - 20% discount
                    Medela Breastpump - 15% discount


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                      The place that teaches baby sign languages

                      Is it 亲子手语课程 ?

                      Actually the link is Fei Yue Community Services - the one featured in Zoe's show.

                      I couldn't find the info on Fei Yue's website. You may have to call 6416-2167 for enquiries. But they have a program on first year parenting.

                      1. Parenting in the First Year!
                      (A 1st year parenting programme to help Transition into Parenthood)

                      Target: New parents (of infants in the first year)

                      Transition into parenthood, comes with stress. Before you become parents, strengthen your marriages and learn and be prepared together to welcome the arrival of the child. Surveys show that becoming first-time parents can be a stressful experience. If a couple is prepared to transit into their role as parents, having the new addition will serve to enhance family bonding. convesely, if a couple is not ready for parenthood, having children may cause stress to a marriage.

                      After the baby is born, while equipping yourself with childbonding skills and parenting skills, not to forget to enrich the marriage. Our survey shows that if the experience of raising the first one is a good one, the likelihood of a second is stronger.

                      In view of the potential stress generated in the transition to parenthood, Fei Yue Community Services will be implementing a programme in the community, scheduled to begin under the auspices of South West CDC?s initiative to reach out to new parents. This programme will emphasise the importance of shared responsibility and shared parenting in achieving family well-being.


                      Module 1: Your Newborn - 0 to 3 Months
                      . Understanding the consequences of child-centered parenting
                      . Establishing baby's routine & feeding pattern

                      Module 2: The Early Infant - 3 to 6 Months
                      . Monitoring baby's cries, growth & nutrition
                      . Appreciating dad's role, balacing work and family

                      Module 3: The Crawler - 6 to 9 Months
                      . Understanding baby's brain development
                      . Setting limits & discipline

                      Module 4: Your Pre Toddler - 9 tp 12 Months
                      . Exploring ways to communicate with your baby through signing
                      . Examining areas to reclaim couple and family time

                      Time: Workshop: 9.30am - 12.30pm, Tutorial: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

                      Schedule: Please click here

                      Fee: $15/couple/module or

                      Enquiries: 65631106 or [email protected]

                      1. Please fill up this application form (Please click here) and send with cheque payment to:
                      Blk 604 Choa Chu Kang St 62, #01-53, Singapore 680604

                      2. Cheque write payable to Fei Yue Community Services

                      1. Enrolment on a first-come-first-serve basis
                      2. Confirmation is upon receipt of payment and application form
                      3. Should applications wish to withdraw, refund will only be made if a written notice of 1 month is given


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                        Thank you so much, Cloe! I will call them to enquire.

                        The parenting course sounds good. Anyone attended such courses before?