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    Ello ello!

    I plan to go to uni next year and am considering a bachelor degree in Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary) at Queensland University of Technology. I have a diploma in marketing and would love to do something that is more creative and less business-y. Is anyone in tt course currently? Similar courses in other unis? Would love to hear what you guys think of QUT.

    I feel a little lost. Have no idea what i wanna do with my life.

    P.S I am not quite sure where to put this so i started a new thread.

    Thank you.

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    when i was considering the course 3 yrs ago, i heard that QUT will be getting A$10 million to develop the course & facilities etc. During then, they were seeking their first batch of students so perhaps now it's more established with facilities.

    i remembered them asking for my portfolio when i applied for the creative course while another campus did not require so. in the end i chose melbourne because of the art/bohemian culture and also the courses gave me more creative freedom.

    depending on which creative and less business-ly field are you seeking for, and perhaps also which country will help to develop and fuel your creative growth, have a thorough look through the ciriculum and subjects and you may just find the direction you wish to take.


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      Thanks for your reply! I think i have got lots of research to do..

      Just wondering, what course are you taking in melbourne now?