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  • New and Help needed!!

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm New here and mum of 1 gal and another boy is on the way..

    My gal is 13mths old and she was sick recently. She has this recurring fever, cough with phlegm and running nose for the past 6 days. Fever is now gone but she still coughs a lot. I did not want any antibiotics from the doctor initially but it seems that I have to get another opinion as her cough is quite terrible..In fact, its waking her up from her sleep every night! Should I just ask for antibiotics to stop the cough?

    She has also not been drinking her milk as I think the phlegm makes it hard for her to swallow but she still eats her brown rice or rice cereal. Due to this, she has lost weight in the past 1 week. She was always very petite to begin with weighing at about 10kg but she is now less than 9kg. Is this normal?

    I changed her formula to the New Gain IQ after she turned one. She had constipation. Initially, bananas, papayas, apple juice and yoghurt helped but after a while, she still had constipation even if she had all those dietary fiber. Does any ones else suffers from this problem?

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm really feeling very lost now...MIL and Mum gives contradicting dunno who to listen...and the help they give are those quite dubious chinese myths...trying to shun away from all those..

    Anyway, thanks to all who will take their time to help answer my questions!!

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    hi karentanm welcome to cozymom
    i think you should monitor her closely and bring her to a good paediatrician if possible dont drag for too long. Give her plenty of warm water to drink. Loosing weight is a definite when a child falls sick. As for her meal try giving her light meals like plain porridge cook with lean meat if she doesnt like brownrice or cereal. Not to worry too much just bring her to the paediatrician not forgetting you still have another boy which is on the way... You should try to be happy...


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      Hi popcorn

      Thanks for the advice..Will keep in mind...She is eating all her solids but she is rejecting her milk drinking only 1-3ozs per feeding...This is *** makes me worried..However I have been told that her illness now is due to her teething...Nevermin, lets see what the doctor will say later..thanks again..


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        The type of milk powder can definitely cause constipation. Both my children have constipation when they were drinking Promil gold 2. My girl is drinking Mamil Gold for a long time with no problem. You can try changing the milk powder.

        You can also put lots of finely chopped vegetables into her porridge. Gerber's baby prune will help too.

        I also think you should bring your girl to see a good paediatrician. I think losing 1 kg is not normal. My girl also had fever and running nose for a few days, and it cured quickly after she took antibiotics, she was less than 2 years old then.


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          I will give antibotics if my girls has high fever and if they have infections. If not it will developed into pnenomia or phlegm will go into their lungs then it will be dangerous. That is what my doc told me...

          I use Igain too and my girl do not any constipation.


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            Hi Juliet

            Think the constipation is per baby basis...Antibiotics is useless against viral infection, its only useful for bacterial infection so I will have to check what kinda infection does she has..thanks for your input..


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              hi juliet, there was an earlier discussion here on constipation, you might want to check this out

              my 3-mth old daughter has been falling sick very often too, runny nose, phlegm and cough cos her sister keeps passing her the virus caught from school. the PD couldn't give her medication due to her age. my friend recommended tcm and out of desperation i tried it (i am pro western medication and have never believed in tcm) but only after ascertaining that there's nothing oral nor invasive about their treatment. i mean what harm could a little tui na (massage) cause right.

              amazing, just after 3 days of tui na, my baby slept better, passed out tons of phlegm in her poo and her nose cleared. the coughing lessened considerably. her treatment lasted for 3 days, she was completely well after 6 days. i was so won over that i then sent my 22-mth old girl there too.

              of course she was much harder to control cos she wouldn't quietly lie there to be massaged (she's never been for tcm treatment). but she quietened down after the 2nd day as she was starting to enjoy it. after the 3-day treatment, my elder girl's nose also stopped running and her phlegm cleared. all this without having to take any medication

              there's still a lot of debate over tcm so i'm not sure whether you'd like to try it out. this place is yu guo, located in changi road, details are in the business listings. it is primarily for kids - their massage beds are miniaturised, they have children's books and posters on the wall, they play children's music. the patients see the doctor before the treatment is determined.

              hope this helps.


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                  yep medusa, i'm not sure about their improving health claim but it certainly helped with my girls' phelgm especially my 3-mth old who is too young for western medicines. anyway, the massage looks shiok shiok so let them enjoy life a bit.