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    Questions! How will you dress?

    1. You've been invited to a BBQ party. What will you wear?
    2. Do guys/girls get a general poor impression (ie. think they're liberal) of females who wear halters/tube tops?

    I've been invited to a BBQ party thrown by my SO's colleague. My SO asked me what I would be wearing, and I casually commented that I'll probably be in a tube top + capris. He then told me he's more comfortable with me wearing a shirt (ie. being more covered up), as this is the first time I'm meeting his colleagues & he doesn't want them to have a negative impression of me. I often wear tube tops/halters when I'm out on dates with him though, and he's pretty cool with it, so I reckon he's really eager for me to make a good impression on his colleagues?

    I'm still a little frazzled by the double standards though. :eh:
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    Firstly, I'd wanna say that tube top/halter tops for a BBQ is perfectly fine coz it's a casual setting. If you're sporty/tanned sort & you wear such stuff, it'd be even better! Nothing's wrong with it.

    But I guess I also understand your SO's point-of-view. For example, maybe he has older and more conversative managers who might not approve of such an attire. To them, maybe halter tops/tube tops are for "indecent" people. You've also gotta remember that you'd be introduced as (insert SO's name)
    's gf
    . So in a way, they'd look at you & then judge his character and that might or might not work against him in his work environment.

    Furthermore, this is the very 1st time that you're meeting impressions DO matter.

    I am speaking from experience here. I got to know a bunch of my SO's girl colleagues. My very 1st time meeting them & we met at Zouk. One of the girl got so drunk that the other colleagues had to help her out. My immediate reaction is that she's "wild". It may not be true but I mean, this is my 1st meeting with her & she got THAT drunk! So ever since, I don't like her at all. Call me prejudiced but first impressions matter.


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      Heya klibby, thanks a lot for your feedback! Really appreciate it

      Yeah, I reckon I'll skip the tube/halter & don a shirt instead. Anything to ensure I don't jeopardise his chances of promotion!

      But yes, I agree with you on the drunken incident. I would be disgusted too, if I were in your position. Getting sloshed is a big no-no for girls, be it with friends or colleagues, because we only stand to lose out if anything goes wrong...


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        since it is a BBQ, tube is really practical, but you can always top it over with a short sleeve crop cardigan which is currently in fashion. I don't think anyone can fault you being fashionable. Also, I think behaviour and how you carry yourself is more important than dressing. However, if the function is a big one and you don't get to mingle with majority then dressing becomes very important right??

        have u watched "sex and the city"? maybe you can get some tips from there on how they dress for different occasions.


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          creepcake, how about a polotee or a racerback? with maybe shorts or berms?


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            I think something sleeveless will do yah? It's a BBQ after all...with all the smoke and the heat. A shirt seems a wee *** formal and definitely not so comfortable in my opinion. I believe you would want to be comfy even though you are trying to give a good impression to his colleagues at the same time.


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              just something casual will do...its a BBQ after all!

              maybe not tubes but a simple spag top!


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                goodness the sound of a shirt is really hot!!! urmm i mean perspire kind of hot...

                Maybe u could do with a singlet or a racerback rather than a shirt.. Anyway i think it would be weird to wear something so formal there..

                Hmmm seriously speaking since it's a bbq i think the people should expect some kind of relax and laid back settings and wearing halters or tubes would be perfectly alright. But maybe u could choose a halter as opposed to a tube as it exposes lesser.... I dont people will be that judgemental in such situations cos it is really going to be hot and i'm quite sure there will be someone sane enough to wear spaghs or halters to the bbq...


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                  creepcake, have not being to the BBQ yet? Update us, oops KPO!!!


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                    Hehe, I've yet to go for the BBQ, which is some time in end of August or early September. Yes, yes, I know I was a bit 'kiasu' in asking for you girls' advice so early, but I'm the kind who spends hours fretting over what to wear the next day! :Doh:


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                      nevermind, one more reason to shop and due to special reason, ask SO to pay. keke Bad infurence Bad influence.


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                        Then I'd better not let him see this post, lest he bans me from the forum forever!


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                          Oops ok ok, make ourselve invisible


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                            I think klibby offers really good advice there. I'm guessing the event is held at an informal setting, but since his colleagues are going to be there, your boyfriend is likely to treat the event as somewhat more formal. You'll look cute in a polo tee (with a cargo skirt perhaps?) or a tank top with a funky tropical wrapskirt, or a cute short-sleeved button up collared shirt with a denim skirt. The Victoria's Secret website has a very good catalogue with many dressing ideas! You'll be spoilt for choices.

                            Good luck and let us know how things go!