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  • Regarding a cotter

    I think i have no choice but to post this public. I wish anyone who knows the cotter Sirius personally please contact her on my behalf cos she simply ignored my PMs. I purchased a Anna Sui mascara from her in march, have made payment and she never get back since then. I waited very patiently for her reply. but it has been 5 freaking months and still no news from her. whats more is she still post in this forum like just yesterday? I've no idea why she doesnt want to clear up things with me. If she doesnt want to sell me the item anymore, refund me the money or LMK! Don't keep me hanging there. It just shows how irresponsible and dishonest she is! i dunno if anyone has gd experience with her, but my encounter with her is definitely NOT a pleasant one!

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    sorry to hear that you have such a bad encounter. Do hope the moderator is able to help you out regarding this matter.