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Riot at CPF Building

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  • Riot at CPF Building

    This is so darn funny!

    Riot police break up demonstration of four people in Singapopre

    (AFP) Riot police broke up a rare demonstration by four people demanding greater transparency and accountability in Singapore's state-managed pension fund and other government-linked agencies.

    A dozen anti-riot police wearing helmets and knee-high protective gear and carrying shields and batons formed a phalanx outside the offices of the Central Provident Fund (CPF) as a commanding officer approached the demonstrators.

    "You are committing an offence of public nuisance. If you don't disperse you will be arrested," the officer told the protesters as business people and employees watched in the central business district.

    The four protesters, among them an office administrator and the sister of an opposition leader, Chee Soon Juan, voluntarily dispersed. They denied being part of any political group.

    Police later asked them to hand over their protest materials -- T-shirts and placards -- as part of an investigation to determine whether they had violated any laws.

    The two men and two women assembled at lunchtime outside the CPF building in the business district. They said they did not need a permit and staged their protest for about an hour.

    Under the law, any public protest of at least five people without a police permit is deemed illegal. The protest took place as Singapore was in the midst of official celebrations of its 40th anniversary of independence.

    The protesters hoisted placards calling for greater openness in how the government handles public funds used for retirement pensions, overseas investments and the building of subsidized high-rise apartments.

    A police officer said they had received a telephone call from a "member of the public" about the protest, prompting them to send in the riot police.

    Monica Kumar, 45, one of the protesters, said they had been insipired by public outrage that followed revelations last month that the chief executive of Singapore's biggest charity, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), was being paid 350,000 US dollars annually.

    The scandal sparked an online petition signed by more than 40,000 people and forced the NKF chief executive, T.T. Durai, and the entire board to resign.

    "In reality, the NKF is reflective of the entire system in Singapore where public matters are run in a non-transparent and non-accountable manner," the protesters said in a statement.

    The statement called on the Housing Development Board and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) to open their books for public scrutiny.

    GIC manages more than 100 billion US dollars in funds and invests globally.

    "We call on the government to make Singapore more transparent and accountable, starting with the state organisations mentioned above," the protesters said.

    And this piece of news didn't even get a mention in Singapore. Send a whole riot team to disperse a grand total of 4? Spore still have a long way to go in freedom of speech.

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    Huh? This piece of news was published in The Straits Times. Coz I read it and remembered that one of the participants was CSJ's sis.


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      This piece of news is in ST and TODAY papers... A small one though..
      I have a friend who is working at CPF Building. She says that she saw it. There was quite a crowd standing there watching them.. There were many police there..
      I saw Chee Soon Juan selling his books at Raffles Place the next day.. He just doesn't give up huh...


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        Rockson Tan mentioned this in his blog entry. It's damm it at


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          i was there when those 4 people were there

          standing there laughing and yes to me they were a bit bo **** coz what they are doing is not going to change anything..

          i am working in cpf board actually and it took place during my lunch time..

          i was wearing my uniform as i am an cso and my friends were like telling me.. eeh u not scared if they approach u ar..

          haha i think maybe i'll just laugh right in their face, give them the "you tell me also no use" look and ask them to walk over to capitol tower and speak to "someone" instead..


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            sad to say, i'm a bit offended by the words he say.. maybe because i work there..

            trying to make it sounds so funny by insulting others .. will not visit tt blog again..

            gotta admit tt his post are hilarious... v nice of him to say tt side the office ladies are not chio and abt those office aunties.. :roll:

            obiviously there is something wrong with him using his singpass.. CPF board will not send singpass to u every year unless someone go online or call in with ur particulars to request for a reset.. CPF not so free to keep on sending passwords when they are the ones who encourage members of the public to set the passwords to something that they can remember.. if not it defeats the whole purpose anyway..

            some anon even posted in his comments to say that he just need some excuses to stat his story.. whatever tt guy means...

            well anyway its usually the case when they don't know how the system works and just blab on.. and the rest will just pretend they know too and go along with the rubbish.. :roll:

            i'm speaking on behalf of myself and not on behalf of the board.. haha coz such people are the ones who cause others to call in and ask qns like "eeh how come my friend tell him cpf every year send him new singpass and i don't have.." :roll: and who are the ones who must clear up the mess?

            still can say working in government one just seat in office and shake leg.. or that we take so long to do something.. i guess if no one start such nonsense, we would be better off handling cases whereby needs more attention..


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              Yup I heard about this riot from my colleagues too. Heard that some CPF staff were interviewed by the media and they just kept laughing and laughing. Would think that such behaviour was inapropriate and reflected badly on the Board at some extend.

              I mean it would be better to give a solemn look and say 'No comments' right?


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                Hahaha.. muttbutt, somehow what you said tickled me pretty badly.

                Anyway, to side track abit. Not to side with the protesters but i think Singaporeans are pretty much "handpecked" by the governement. Nobody dares to do anything even though they're unhappy about certain policies or with the system. Although i must say it's much more peaceful this way...


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                  Hi mirthLass

                  Glad to know that tickles you

                  I don't think people are 'henpecked'. It's just that they know whatever they do won't change anything. An yet ironically, the govt is trying to get citizens to share their ideas.

                  Eg Speakers' Corner, feedback Unit - the latest idea for *scape...