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  • Working in a Japanese company?

    how do you gals find working in a japanese company? I think their culture very different right?

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    For my case is manufacturing depends on the management style. Have worked in 2 different jap. co. 1 is traditional type of jap. company...Full uniform case. Benefits, it depends on the size & resources of the orgz. too. My first co. not much entertainment activities for staff, canteen food variety is limited. My current jap. is more westernised style with local flavour.


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      well.. management is pretty rigid.. :roll:

      However there is a lot of loyalty "propaganda"


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        hey i thinking of gg to work in a japanese company in singapore. is it true that they work ridiculously long hours? how abt benefits? are they any good?



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          I have worked temps in both Japanese company before but they always have to climb up stairs and they don't work department alone. Everyone department play a role and a part in the end of a process of job. Whereelse i work elsewhere, Admin side deal with admin people, accounts deal with account. I have to mixed with even mailing as well as technician side. So it's all link work. They are pretty strict about punctuality and they have big clock hanging there, that ring when to work, when to go for lunch, when to go home. I have only late once for 5 mins, my colleague start to tell me not to be late as management don't like people to come in late. Other than that, the pay i find is ok, working hours are ok, OT depends whether workload are more or less but those managerial position never leave before depends on your position also.


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            sounds terrible. no wonder so many people died young due to overworked in japan. sorry, no offence!


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              am currently in a Jap MNC. Coming from a US MNC and Oz working style, the working environment is indeed very different. Some major differences that i notice,
              1) clearer hierachy and more layers
              the gap between the management and the operations are really big. and there is like 2 dozens layers to climb. but am inform that you are relatively 'important' at senior executive level.
              2) close door policy
              most US firm practise open door policy. meaning you can come in and have a chat with your boss as and when. This ensure or entails to a better rapport build.
              3) Information shared
              most of the information are shared among the management team and the key personnel in the department. General staff will have no idea/zero idea what is going on.

              On a more positive note, they tend to look after your employees as in minimal or zero retrenchment.

              frankly, i am still trying to adjust to the environment and to restrain myself from making comments... =)


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                heard every morning must do exercise then can start work?


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                  only factory do that if i'm not wrong. :0


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                    i do heard of offices that does that. But really do not think it is prominent, given that we are afterall not in Japan. =)

                    NB: thats like the most common question i am being asked by friends when they know i am working in Jap company.


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                      Currently working in a Jap co. Punctuality is SUPER important as there's morning briefing on the dot at 9am, where all staff stand around for quick announcements. If you're late, that's it, everyone will know. This is good in a way because it's fair for all, even the managers & directors. OT wise, it depends on the dept and peak periods. Many levels for you to climb up the co. ladder, about a dozen. Overall, the more years you work there, the more shots you call.

                      Heard that some Jap co. are really quiet, but mine's alright, it's been rather localised. Have worked temp at a German MNC before, the silence was terrifying considering that the office's so open concept.

                      My friend's Jap co does have morning exercise for office staff, just simple stretching together
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                        so cute got morning exercies one. hehe.. can help strengthen bonds?

                        I've worked temp in Jap mnc and what is stated like doesnt seems to apply in my coy? I was late for my interview but i still got the job.. hehe.. maybe cos just a temp position and not that strict. the interviewer wasnt a japanese though.

                        the jap boss also dont come to work on time. More of like flexible timing? we start work at 830 but i dont see him at that timing before.. The colleague can also stream in at different timings one. so initially i was thinking what are their working hours like.

                        they also tend to be more friendly with their japanese counterparts. i think they dont really mix around much with other colleague? my colleague was telling me the boss dont bother about them also good. at least dont give them trouble can already. hehe.

                        but anyway, overall my impression of my this jap mnc wasnt that bad. and i didnt know male bosses dont like married women to work.. oh yah, and those Jap bosses also always rotate after a few years.


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                          I used to work for a Japanese MNC too. My experience:
                          Like the others said, punctuality is really important, everyone [except managers] has a punch card. If you're late, your pay will be deducted.
                          I also had morning briefing sessions at 9am sharp! As for corporate ladder climbing, there were about 10 to 15 layers to get to the top, though the MD was a Japanese expat.
                          The Japanese expats tend to work to 8 or 9pm everyday, but they don't impose that on the locals.

                          Oh I'm not sure about the rest of the girls but everyone in my company started off with 10days annual leave and for every year you stay on, you add one day. Haha. Its a common Japanese practice.


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                            I never worked in a Jap Co, but I used to audit some of them. Some Jap (Some only) really have a thing against women, so I guess its harder to get promoted. Also Jap tend to work extremely and as a staff maybe you are inclined to work as late too


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                              Originally posted by cj_ice View Post
                              heard every morning must do exercise then can start work?
                              no wonder they have longer life span