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  • Your CC nickname

    Can't seem to find this topic and nothing better to do after lunch so:

    How did your nick come about?

    I will answer this 1st. My name is Hsueh ( Xue ) Ling so Ling is already taken up, I decided to use snow ( same meaning as Xue ). Snow also taken up so snowny which is also taken so it becomes sn0wny. keke Abit stupid but well have being using it for as long as I am in CC.

    So gals, how did your nick come about?

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    My initial nick is my actual name, then I decided to change it to 'creepcake', named after one of the characters in Camille Rose Garcia's works (Creepcake's Bakery). Love her works! (


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      cool prints she has,creepcake!

      my nick is from a nick name my friend calls me,ange (pronounced N-etch rythmes with "hench" as in henchman )


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        I like the name "Ash" so I added a "lene" behind to make the whole name sound sweeter

        Ok so she was a character I created in one of my sec 4 essays...


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          My initial nick was created because red was one of my favourite colour then, and my irc nick is stardust, thus i add them up making reddust. But Reddust look so reddish to me!! So ended up adding z in between them = Redzdust

          Anyway i gave up red quite long ago, its no longer my favourite colour.

          Current nick = my name being spelled in the opposite direction


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            chiri has been stuck with me for the longest time.

            i used to go by chiriko, which is the name of one of the characters in the japanese anime fushigi yuugi. but i got a bit lazy and decided to shorten it to chiri. easier to call.

            and it's definitely easier to remember cause mamasan vernis likes to call me chili.


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              This is gonna be lame...
              I was eating Post blueberry morning cereal when I was trying to think of a nick to register... easy to guess what happened next.


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                Ahem... Now my Chili is officially La-Chew

                Ash, u are one sweet lass, sweeter than your nick. has been wanting to tell u, realised at times u do resemble Cyndi (Wang Xinlin)

                Me = Vernis = nail polish = what-i-can't-live-without


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                  :wow: interesting thread! hehe..

                  My previous nick was cUppucino because i love to drink cuppacino. Then realised i got the name of the coffee spelt wrongly, so changed my nick to cUp so that cotters can relate to me. Also because many cotters used to call me short-form "cup" Simple as that


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                    Thanks Vernis, you're one sweet lady yourself too


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                      Originally posted by blueberry
                      I was eating Post blueberry morning cereal when I was trying to think of a nick to register... easy to guess what happened next.
                      haha that was convenient!

                      mine is adapted from my chinese name and inspired from the character Roo, in Winnie the Pooh.


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                        A peaberry is actually a coffee berry, something I learnt when I was a barista at Starbucks. I've had such fond memories working there, so decided to use Peaberry as a moniker whenever I can... And '86 is my birth year.


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                          mine is after1998 because well, i felt that 1998 was the biggest turning point in my life. so right now i'm the after of what happened in 1998? haha, sounds serious compared to everyone else!


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                            Not b'cos Im a fan of clarins or using clarins products. Adopted it b'cos of my name (clarinda).


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                              my meaning is simple like summer out of the four season but think summer is too plain so add in the day to feel more fun