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  • Shopping for First-time Mum

    Hi! I am a first time mum-to-be and i am just 12 weeks pregnant now but who can blame me for being so excited! I am thinking of starting to buy baby stuffs now and doing up the nursery!
    I will be taking a trip with my husband to Singapore in 2 weeks time and i want to use the opportunity to buy baby and mother stuffs there!
    Any baby/mother shops to recommend? Or warehouses or websites with good buys? Any shops on sale now that i shouldn't miss?
    What are the more well-known/reliable baby brands for milk bottles, trolleys, clothes, etc. that i can find in singapore?
    Any good parenting or cooking books (for baby/pregnancy/ confinement) around?
    Any hip or happening things that mums in singapore are using for their babies?

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    You might like to try:

    Mothercare for everyday baby clothes and baby necessities. They have stores in Parkway Parade and Centrepoint.

    Life Baby for stylish babywear and cute baby items. There is an outlet at Raffles City.

    Moms in Mind and Mothers en Vogue, for pretty nursingwear. MIM is in Jalan Pemimpin, MEV is in Delfi Orchard.

    Avent for baby bottles - you can find this brand at most departmental stores.

    United Square and The Forum for many shops that cater to parenting needs, so do visit those places.

    Takashimaya's children's department on the 3rd level, for a nice range of baby related products too.

    Love Slings, my webby, which carries baby slings. They are one of my most indispensable parenting aid and stylish to boot! All cotters get a 10% discount, by the way.

    Design-A-Book, which allows you to customise a book for your baby, recording his/her birth.

    As for maternity wear, here's a list I've compiled:, which carries the lovely Burt's Bees range, btw!

    As for parenting books, I can't recommend the Dr Sears series enough. You can find them at major bookstores in SG.

    HTH. I'm sure the other mummies on this board will have more wonderful suggestions!

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      Thank you makeupmag!

      Thats a very comprehensive recommendation list i've got from you! I will be enjoying myself browsing through them! Hopefully can get many good buys from Singapore!

      Thanks again!


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        Wow that's a very comprehensive list! Useful for me also. Cannot go out to shop, next best is to shop online!


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          Hi lcwei,
          There will be a baby fair at Takashimaya square starting 2nd sept. You should be able to catch it. Get ready your list of baby stuff.


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            Oh thats really great! Do they usually have good buys at such baby fairs?


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              Not forgetting

              Maternity Mall
              Very modern, nice and affordable clothes!


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                Most of mums-to-be in other forums are also waiting for this fair. We should get discounts for 20% or above, not too sure yet. I called the relative department and they are also not confirmed on the venue. I shall keep you posted.


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                  Originally posted by mayne_berlin
                  Hi lcwei,
                  There will be a baby fair at Takashimaya square starting 2nd sept. You should be able to catch it. Get ready your list of baby stuff.
                  i didn't knw about this. now i knw..
                  thanks a great deal!


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                    I hope you can still read my mail.
                    Another baby fair held by Isetan is also on 2nd sept.
                    Pls see below link.

                    update: Taka bb fair may not be on 2nd sept due to mooncake festival event.
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                      when will we know whether the taka bb fair is confirmed?


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                        Taka baby fair starts tomorrow till 14 sep 05 at B1 Talking Hall


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                          Yup, it's confirmed.
                          Here the link


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                            Any more baby fairs coming out ladies?

                            I ought to be looking around for maternity clothes already cos' my working pants/skirts are getting tighter. I can't breathe


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                              I've shopped bit by bit before give birth hehe.
                              Normally at JL / Metro expo sale as its near to my workplace.

                              Now,post-preggy still shop at those 2 sales.
                              Kiddy Palace-become member.
                              Kidsmall - bought stroller ( Maclaren),cheaper than any other shops.
                              (rented baby car seat $5/day only )during trip to KL last christmas.

                              Recently, UO superstore @ Angsana JB ( want to go again as its more varierty & cheap)
                              & Disney Babyland @ KL they were having MY sale.Wow! worth $$ spent..great clothes & better than kiddy palace limited clothes & steep prices.