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Working with female bosses

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  • Working with female bosses

    is it really that bad?

    in my previous workplace, i had a female boss n she was rather professional when it comes to work. in the last job, my female boss sucks big time.

    in my new job which i'll be starting next mon, it'll be a female boss again. sigh....

    share ur expeiences yah?

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    I've got a female boss and she's great! She's professional and really cares about her subordinates' career path. She encourages us to talk to her about anything and is truly interested in our lives. Best thing is, she never lets her personal feelings etc. affect her behaviour at work.

    A sharp contrast to that would be my previous boss, also a female. She'd fluctuate between ecstatically happy to ranting and raving about something or other. She was also extremely childish. Example, she once told my colleague," Please let Catherine (this lady in HR) know that I need more name cards printed. I don't want to talk to her." :Doh: She can never make up her mind about what she wants as well. She told me that I was quick and efficient in my work, which is what she wants. Two weeks later, she reprimanded me for being TOO fast, saying that I'm sloppy and careless. Huh??

    After trying to analyse why these two bosses are sooo different, I've come up with this: my present boss is 27 and happily married, the other was 40 and single...!


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      my boss is great, before she was married and after (just this june!). she is interested in all aspects of our lives and she is open to suggestions all time.
      she can be sharp when she require some work to be done but i never get unresonable requests or her tantrums.

      but next door boss (40+, married with kids) is super unstable, 1 moment laughing happily and the next she is screaming her head off. She like to clean her office when she is angry or something so when she take out her own mop and broom, all of us evade the war zone =) in case bomb drop onto our side accidently.

      it really depends on your boss's personality not the gender?...hahaha.


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        i do think personality plays a big part.
        some male bosses can be as fickle-minded (read:diplomatic) as female bosses
        i guess, if u do your part and manage your boss, it should be alright.
        Managing yourself and adapting to the environment is important


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          mine is neurotic, has daily mood-swings, forgetful (age catching up plus all the unnecessary stress she adds onto herself), a childish scrooge, can't-stop-being-paranoid, holds daily gunning session like nobody's business, can't stop meddling into everyone's personal life, food hijacker (pinches from others' desks, packs huge balance of office buffet food home, eats expired food which we threw away), makes extra claim to earn extra.
          Simply a thick-skinned being. the list goes on & on & on.

          All in all, a sick-in-the-mind female boss. but there are times which she is quite lenient w/ us. the mention of her makes our whole department :puke: , the rest of the departments pity us, :eh: at us & to us. we can't stop thinking of ways to avoid her, the rest fear her trepassing their territories. sounds so hopeless avoiding her during luch hour is what everyone is trying to do everyday


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            I have a great boos, she listens to suggestions and will accept what we propose if she feels that the idea works. Even when I resign, she sits down with me and weighs all pros and cons with me, listens to any problem I face. I am staying back in my current job and am very happy about coz I know I have someone whom can guide me and also believes that we learn together.

            I have never work under a male boss before but had encounter a lady boss in my previous jobwhom will claim your credit and is so afraid that I may take over her. Lack of self-confidence. Worse is she will kept comparing who is prettier, younger, what you use, what you wear, etc. Stupid I feel.

            She will get so emtional and go crazy when you say no to her request. I stayed there for 2 weeks and that's all. Can't take it. There was a day I was out for meeting and she called me just to ask for my email password. She need to send something out using my email address. I request and she brokw out: I have had enough, can't you take basic instructions?? Am afraid I don't buy that. I QUIT!!!


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              it really depends on the person's character.

              but generally, single AND unattached-yet-quite pretty kinda women AND over 30YO are slightly more difficult to work with.
              and if they have low EQ and bad temper, it makes things worse.

              somehow, these women, once they get married, they "get better".
              AND if they start to have kids, they really change.



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                let's see..... mine is single, petty, fickle-minded, loves to show off (diamonds, her huge private house, beauty products, "figure" - claimed to all, even males, that she is unable to find a suitable bra - read: too BIG - in SG, hence have to buy them in Japan :Doh: ), likes to comment on what other females wear (told the secretary not to wear spag tops to work when she herself wears spag tops to work) and is very emotional at work. If she doesn't like someone, she will try means and ways to make things difficult for him/her. If she likes someone, she will OK every request.

                Once, while chatting with a male manager, she suddenly pulled up her low-cut blouse and ask the manager not to look at her chest. the male manager was like :eh:

                She also has the bad habit of not paying for expensive company lunches and dinners (although claimable) when she is the initiator - read: wants to have expensive meals but dont wanna explain to her boss why they have spent so much on a meal and hence, use the excuse that she doesnt have a credit card to ask other colleagues to pay. The poor colleagues will then have a difficult time explaining to their dept heads why the huge amount was being spent :puke: When the other managers bring guests out for dinner and invited her along, she requested for expensive dishes like peking duck, "fuo tiao qiang", lobster etc. Due to her position in the company, the poor managers can't refuse her and will then have some explaining to do to their bosses
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                  I have been working in a female dominated environment when I was doing my pt job and now a full time one. My bosses were changed a couple of times as well. It really depends on the personality of the boss. I have no preferences in working for a male or female boss. I used to have this very calm female superior, albeit quite bitchy with my other superiors. Now that she left, a new one came in and doesn't really see eye to eye with my big boss and her immediate assistant so the whole office environment got pretty tense at times. Doesn't make things better when her assistant is suspected to be in depression and is venting her frustration on my pal at work and others. Phew...


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                    dont forget that women tend to have menapause when they hit the 40s. super mood swings and everything. do empathize alright?


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                      Heh....menopause...reminds me of my mom who potrays herself as a super b*tch boss at work but is actually very soft-hearted if you know what buttons to push.

                      My mom works in a male-dominated environment: she supervises about 40 guys, most have up to secondary education only, and she has learnt to talk very tough. She can scold a guy older than her until he cries. But she also loans them $$ if they are in need and cares about their family problems eg. they will ask her for advice and talk to her. I think it's really a relationship-based thing: if you have good rapport and mutual respect with your boss, she can be a b*tch to others (and sometimes you) but still treat you like a friend.

                      But menopause! My mom was pretty erratic a couple of years ago but seems to have adjusted now. When she is in one of her moods, sometimes I wonder if she knows what she's ranting, almost like her brain has shut down and her logic and sense has gone for holiday.


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                        yup. i agree that female bosses have that soft "mothering" instinct in the work environment too. i have heard of female bosses who might be very tough and demanding but could also be very mother-like to her subordinates. such female bosses would fuss like a mother. it's just women's instinct.


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                          i think in general women are more gan cheong and detailed so ***'s y it's a bit more difficult to work with them as compared to male bosses. however, if the female boss is someone who has family and kids, they tend to me more family-oriented. if they are unmarried spinsters.........well....... i can only say good luck!


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                            Originally posted by miaka05
                            i think in general women are more gan cheong and detailed so ***'s y it's a bit more difficult to work with them as compared to male bosses. however, if the female boss is someone who has family and kids, they tend to me more family-oriented. if they are unmarried spinsters.........well....... i can only say good luck!

                            yeah my mentor is one good example..
                            i want so much to have a male superior...i missed those old days when my bosses were all male


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                              Yes agree it is NOT easy to work for female boss.