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    I've been trying to search for more information regarding cures for snoring for my SO, but seems that there's very little information about it!

    Then I've heard on the news that Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to launch the PILLAR PROCEDURE! The Pillar Procedure is performed with local anaesthesia and it works by stiffening the palate at the back of the mouth. Best of all, It only takes 10 minutes! But now my question is the COST and PLACES of doing it.. which is not stated in the article.

    So anyone with info pls tell me!!

    News Article:

    More about Pillar Procedure:

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    Oh interesting info! My bf snores sometimes too,and I suggested braces hehehe


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      haha braces doesnt help snoring la! it's something to do with this soft tissue at the throat i think..


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        Actually braces does help to cure snoring problems! My bf is a little buck-toothed with a more pronounced overbite ("ba gey")
        Thus,when he's asleep,his mouth doesn't close at all! :Doh:
        That causes the snoring to occur.
        You can find more info from National Dental Centre too.


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          hmm but my bf's teeth are okay.. it's just when he slps somehow the nose and throat tissue will cause snoring.. and it can be THUNDEROUS! haha i might call up hospital


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            Stop snoring products -