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    I don't know if this is the right thread for my question.

    I need to know is there any cotters who are working in any events management company like Creatus Events Pte Ltd or know of any events management company besides Creatus?

    I'm going to have my internship in a few months and I want to request to work in an events management company as those companies that schools arrange for you can be really sucky.

    So I need to know what other events management companies are there out there. Thanks in advance.

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    xiaozhu85, I think cotter Pauline worked in an events company before. You can try pm-ing her. HTH.


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      Thank you artichoke!


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        Hey all,

        I'm graduating soon in May.
        Really interested in events management...any inside news?

        Have sent a few job applications..but have yet to receive anything from the companies.
        How long do they usually take to get back to applicants? Wonder if any cotters have any ideas?

        I'm really quite worried about not being able to get a job real in July..


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          Turnover rate at events company is pretty high as it is long hours and low pay (from what I heard). There are many events companies around, some specialized in small-scale events while others handled more big-scale events.


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            Events Management

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              There's a course on Arts and Events Management offered by Temasek Polytechnic Continuing Education Centre. It's a specialist diploma course.


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                First of all, you need to ask whether you like a high-stress, long-hours, unglam, low pay, no-weekends/PH job.

                If so (why??), then welcome to the world of events management.

                I graduated from TP with a dipl in tourism management. My internship was with an events company which organised commerical and academic seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. After I graduated with my bachelor degree, I assisted my ex-boss by co-managing an asian-pacific medical congress.

                All the "benefits" listed above were present with both jobs. High stress came from the frequent deadlines and the tons of people to deal with. Long hours translated to 14 - 16 hours workday/ends. Unglam meant you did all sorts of stuff from packing goodie bags to carrying tons of items around. Low pay made you shake your head every time the pay slip came in . No-weekends/PH off equalled minimal social life. Now, if you do not manage your job and life carefully, you may really end up being depressed!

                Of course, there are perks to the job; colleagues were often fun and outgoing, and work was never, never mundane or boring. You get to meet loads of interesting people as well. But don't, don't, ever join an event company because of mistaken perception that it's a "glam" job.

                Xiaozhu85, you may want to try Reed Exhibition. They put together the Singapore Food Festival this year with STB. A classmate was an intern there during our poly days and 8 years down the road, she is still with the company.

                tangzi: events management companies take the same time as other companies to reply to applicants. They do usually look out for people who can work long hours without complaints and is eager to learn.


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                  is there anything for part timers in event management.
                  i wanna try them out before i decide what i wanna do..
                  is there any way ?


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                    i used to work in an event company too.


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                      For prestigious event companies, try Key Media, Fortress Intelligence and Lexis Nexis. I have worked with them before and they are professionals.


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                        anyone heard of AMC?
                        audience motivation company pte ltd.

                        the turnover rate there is pretty high. just this month, 7 people resigned/ were dismissed
                        i think events management is not just simply all abt fun, glam and coordination.
                        i had a friend who's so into events management, but changed her mind later on after an internship.


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                          It's management is not that glamourous at all! It's heavily admin focused, and also you need to work long hours in order to successfully prepare for the event. A lot of it is working under pressure, to tight deadlines and with lots of things to prepare for!


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                            i did events when i was having my holidays and it can practically kill. i wonder how the people there survive, i admire them. my good friend was in an event's company during her attachment. she worked from 9am-11pm almost everyday and she literally had to camp in office when there's an event. she hated it so much that she broke down in the toilets. geez. i guess, to each his own.


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                              yep, i was at this EDB event which was held in swissotel last month, and the event management people have to stay overnight at the hotel to oversee things, at 11pm, 1am, and 4am respectively. so no sleep time!