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  • I suggest you switch your Day 7 to Day 3. Knott's Berry Farm and South Coast Plaza are way closer to Disneyland. You may want to put some of your Day 8 in your Day 5. I don't think Santa Monica is really that big to warrant a day alone. HTH!

    p.s.: Use to plan for the trip. It saves me a lot of time on my first trip to CA and Vegas.


    • hi natazha, is December a good time to visit?? How is the weather like and is it cold in the night?? Tinking of bring my BB along...



      • I would think that December is a good time to visit. A lot of beautiful Christmas decoration that you can take picture with. It will be cold throughout the day mostly. The cold is not like snow-freezing cold, though. In fact, last year was a very mild winter. I didn't even get the chance to wear my winter coat. During winter, I usually go out with just jeans, UGG or boots, some long-sleeve, some comfy coat that's not too thick, and scarf. No long john or double clothes.


        • Originally posted by kissesfrombeigi
          Hi there,
          very sorry for the late reply, haven't been checking here very often lately.

          For Northwest i would say their seats are very cramped and inclination is very little, as the flight to USA is very very long, you may wish to consider other airlines due to this reason.

          However, in flight entertainment was ok, there was a personal screen in front of every passenger's seat where you can watch movies, play games.

          food wise, wow, they served a lot of food! i was never once hungry in the plane, besides the main meals, they also served snacks from time to time, don't worry you will not go hungry in the plane, some more i don't consider myself a small eater and i feel very bloated whenever i'm in the plane, i feel that they keep feeding us! :D
          Hey, i have been trying to log on to your blog to view on your US trip to plan for my next trip but i can't access. It states only register members is allow. How can i register myself?


          • Girls,
            NEED HELPS!
            Which HOTELS should I book in LA?

            My itinerary

            Day 1 : SIN - SFO. Transfer to San Rafael Hotel(till day 9) as hubby works there. May I know, during Dec, what time does most shop close? I am thinking of going to Union Square/Japantown after hubby knock off? Is Japantown worth visiting? I heard that it is quite run down.

            Day 2 : Any Suggestion?

            Day 3 : Wanna go Alcatraz Night Tour 4:30pm(2.5 hrs), and have dinner at fisherman wharf. Any famous restaurants to recommend? Hard Rock Cafe? They don't close early right? I am afraid by 9pm the place became unsafe/dead town. Will there be any JAM to travel to San F from San Rafael? We'll be taking Taxi most of the time, or is there any muni around? Which one is more convenient?

            Day 3 : I thought of going to Chinatown, any best timing? Any famous DIM SUM or restaurant? Is it worth travelling to Chinatown? Anything to see besides the "fortune cookies?"

            Day 5 : Taking tour to Monterey Bay Aquarium, 17 mile, Carmel (11 hrs)

            Day 6 : Taking city tour, muir wood and sausalito (8 hours) Then the day turns dark, any suggestion after that?

            Day 7 - 9 : hubby will be working like day 2-3. Really have no idea where should we go after his work.

            Day 10 : Thanksgiving. Will be taking coach to LA (6 hours) to meet hubby's buddy and have dinner together at nice restaurant, any suggestion? I have yet to book hotels, any good and budget around universal studios? or booking those hotels that is 10min drive from universal is reasonable?

            Day 11 : Black Friday. Taking a 12 hours City Tour and Universal Studios. Hopefully can go to factory outlet by midnight to do "some shopping"

            Day 12 : To vegas by coach. (4 hours). after checking in, go to the strip

            Day 13 : Tour to hoover Dam and grand canyon

            Day 14 : Las Vegas Factory Outlet

            Day 15 - 18 : hubby attending trade show at venetian. besides going to casino, show, Any other things we can do?

            Day 19 : Intend to go back to LA

            Day 20 : Disneyland? Griffith Observatory? PLease help !!

            Day 21 : LAX - SIN

            Oh no, didn't know we are going to stay there for so long..Girls, all advice are appreciated!


            • The Black Friday sale happens on Friday midnight at 00:00. So after your Thanksgiving dinner, you may want to head straight to the outlets. For Las Vegas Outlet, I suggest going to the Premium Outlet.


              • Thanks a lot kissesfrombeigirl! Any comment on my itinerary?

                Nat, I am a bit confuse here. So I have to go to the shopping area on the 27 nov (thursday) midnight at 00:00. not the "Friday Midnight" 28 nov?


                • Go on the midnight where Thursday Thanksgiving changes to Black Friday. Don't go on the midnight where Friday turns to Saturday. So, I guess after your thanksgiving dinner? I don't know if you can find any taxi, though.


                  • nat, got it got it!!! If I were to miss the sale, then I left with no choice but to shop in vegas.. and hubby said is ok to pay for my shopping.


                    • Hi Gals,
                      I just got back from my Honeymoon in CA. It was really gd, wish I had more time.
                      I went to SFO-LV-LA. And those going to factory outlet, do get ur coach stuff in LV factory outlet. Cause i been to 3 factory outlet n LV factory outlet has the most discount. And I have loaded my photos, anyone interested can view them at


                      • Originally posted by maywong View Post
                        I will be staying in LA for 9 days. The first three days of the iternary will be arranged by the tour agency. From Day 4 onwards, we are doing our F&E trip. We will be going to Las Vegas and San Francisco prior to the 9 days. Any other interesting places we can explore in LA? Also will my Day 8 be a tight schedule? We will be renting a car. Thanks.


                        California Adventure Park

                        Universal Studio / Los Angeles City Tour

                        Day 4
                        Camarilio Outlet

                        Day 5
                        Santa Monica (The Pier, Third Street Promenade, Venice Beach)

                        Day 6
                        Desert Hill Outlet

                        Day 7
                        South Coast Plaza
                        Notty?s Berry Farm

                        Day 8
                        The Grove mall
                        Farmers Market
                        Downtown L.A (Chinatown, Little Tokyo and the Fashion District)
                        Hollywood walk of frame
                        Universal City Walk
                        Beverly Hills
                        Rodeo Drive
                        Beverly Center

                        Day 9
                        Departure from LA
                        Hi Maywong,

                        You will be in LV first before going to LA right? I would suggest u buy most of ur factory outlet shopping in LV factory outlet. As there are 2 there, 1 north of the strip and 1south of the strip. It the best place to shop. The tax i cheaper and discount is better. Then u may wan consider on only going to 1 factory outlet in LA instead.

                        While in LA, it is best for you to drive and with GPS. Cause all the attractions are not in 1 place. And Day 8 is really too packed for u, unless u just want to just touch n go.

                        Nothing much in Universal City walk, u can visit this when u go to Universal studio. We were at univeral studio at about 11am to 6pm. Just nice for me and my hubby.

                        And for the LA city tour, are you going with a company? They will most probably bring u to walk of fame. Or u can do it after universal studio cause it so nearby.

                        I like farmers market n grove mall. You can go there for breakfast, alot of nice food to eat there.

                        Bring more warm stuff, it really cold there now.


                        • OH and 1 more thing ladies, if u ever go Las Vegas, Pls go watch KA at MGM.
                          It so amazingly fantastic.


                          • Originally posted by Smoochie View Post
                            Day 3 : Wanna go Alcatraz Night Tour 4:30pm(2.5 hrs), and have dinner at fisherman wharf. Any famous restaurants to recommend? Hard Rock Cafe?
                            Better buy your Alcatraz tickets online early. When we went, it was sold out. My second trip to San Fran and I still have not set foot on Alcatraz It's a very popular tour and from what I read, very fun. We ended up going on just the bridge cruise which was also great.

                            Pls don't go to Hard Rock. It's a chain establishment. Try Scomas if you want a nice sit down (it's along the water, nearer Ghiradelli Sq side). My friends and I had really really good Alaskan crabs at one of the smaller "roadside" stalls run by Chinese. It was fresh and juicy. The "roadside" stalls are near the Fisherman's Wharf sign.

                            For Vegas, you can tour the strip hotels, such as Venetian, Caesar's Palace. They are beautiful. Also don't forget the fountain at Bellagio! I did mostly shopping in Vegas though you may want to catch some shows like O by the Cirque Du Soleil group.


                            • I agree with Chewie, book ur tickets online n print it out. It save u time for queing. I went on the 10am ferry, manage to finish the whole tour only at you might want to reconsider going on earlier timing. It a self walk tour no time limit. And you can choose to go back on whichever timing ferry you want.

                              I like Scoma, but must make reservation if not prepare to wait cause it really packed. And if you have time, must go on a tour to Napa Valley. It so beautiful.


                              • The night and day tour are different. Night tour will tell ghost stories...