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    don't think i post in the right thread. but anyway what is the legal age in the US to drink? go into a casino in Vegas?


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      Hi Clover,
      legal age for drinking and play in a casino in Vegas is 21 years old... but they dont really go around checkin everyone's ID... my friend is only 20 years old...looks young too...but noone checked her and she even played the jackpots..=P


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        yea.. i played too.. hehee! my brother who is only 19 played russian roulette at the table too.. just don't attract too much attention on yourself should be fine. usually at night when casino is crowded they will be busy keeping a tab on those high rollers..


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          for your replies
          i'm quite petite and have a childish face, can still sneak in right?
          clubs too? scarly the bouncer don't let me go in... scared -_-


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            they are quite strict abt the drinking age. They always check on me even though i was never ever checked in sg! i am turning 20 btw, and asians usually cant tell my real age.

            As for the casinos, they didnt check me when i ordered champagne there.. neither did they check when i played the jackpots but not too sure abt those table games though. But i think they always think asians look very young. My colleagues who are 26, 27yrs old got checked dozen of times. Photo ID requested all the time. I love vegas the most.. coz everyone seems to partying. Everyone seems to be smoking, drinking, gambling anywhere, anytime.

            I love the factory outlet in vegas. Forgot whats the name but all i paid was a few dollars for the bus fare. There are many great brands there.. i bought lotsa coaches there. hehe. (out of topic here).. i heard that there is one factory outlet in nyc, new jersey where they even sell chanel and guccis! Very cheap!

            oh yah back to vegas, i watched "chippendales" when i was there. Very interesting show ONLY FOR LADIES. haha. Its kinda like a fantasy come true. Very interesting if u watch it on a girls nite out. Look at all the girls go wild, the man appearing in all sorts of appearances.. they have doctors, fireman, soldiers, prince charming.. blabla. Really enjoyed myself.. esp when i am sure i cant find this kinda show in singapore. hehe. oh yah, go the FASHIONSHOW mall to get the DISCOUNT tickets. Its almost half the price!

            As for SFO, only been to alcatraz so far. Very interesting place. U go thru the guided tour by urself using the ear phones. lotsa shopping in downtown.. abercrombie, forever 21s etc etc.

            been to universal studio in LA, studio tour is a must go! haven really explore LA much.. just done lotsa shopping there.
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              yupz....its ridiculous i think...of all places...who would have ***...USA the most stringent on drinking age... if any vendor caught sellin alcohol to under21...their license would be revoke and fined a large sum... i worked at the front line b4...hehe...
              going into clubs also far as i ***...for the clubs i been to...but my apparently...its pretty easy to sneak in with a fake fren took another frenz ID( & they definitely dont look alike) and managed to get in...

              its just weird how US works....BUT i simply luv been in the States...its not as dangerous as everyone say it is...

              i jus wish i can stay there forever...shoppin rocks in US!!! so does their huge ass supermart..

              whoever is going there for a holiday...ENJOY ur TIME there as much as possible!!! u wont wan to come back!!

              oh YES!! definitely a MUST GOOD...Disneyland & Universal Studio...


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                crissielyy just wondering, did you go US for work & travel?

                sobs. i don't know how am i going to borrow people id card!!! sobs, have to miss the clubs
                wonder is their daily neccessities like shampoo, soap, etc expensive? or its a better idea to bring it from singapore?


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                  you can just borrow another Asian face id card cos' to them, all Asians look the same! But of cos' if you rather play safe...
                  Toiletries are about the same price there (depends on what brand also I guess) but what's better is that they have LOTS more variety there! Good time to try out Bath&Bodyworks range when you're there! Just bring small travel set and buy the unique bathstuff there.


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                    Yupz..i went work & travel...

                    certainly true...the ID thingy...easy to pass off...

                    yes yes yes!! i luv Bath & Bodyworks...lug back lots of goodies from there!!

                    seriously you can jus bring an empty luggage everything from there...heh


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                      lol crissielyy i'm going for work & travel too! *lol*
                      just curious. which place did you go and can you share your experience with me?
                      i feel like bringing a huge bottle of shampoo, bath soap. then don't have to spend in the us


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                        Anyone knows of any good drive routes for LA, Vegas and SF?


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                          Can buy local maps when you get there to plan your routes. (I find better choices and more variety there)
                          I rely heavily on mapquest for best route to the places I want to go and it's free!!..Just print the driving instructions out.


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                            Francis, you mean the maps there are better?

                            Route 101 seems to be the most popular route!


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                              I can never find the maps I want from Borders/Kino here!

                              They have pretty interesting maps over there. I bought one from the Borders there just for San Fran. It's pretty nice coz it even includes where is nice to go...or has nice kinda like a guide plus map...but all in a pretty coloured layout.

                              I guess you are taking domestic flights? Else the drive from SF all the way down to LV is pretty far....


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                                Hey, will u be keen in selling that map? haha...