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    Heyo ladies,
    This is my first post! I will be traveling to SF, LV, LA with my hubby in June. I am so thrilled after reading through the posts on your shopping galores! Just to check, do the factory outlets carry new designs for Coach? Which factory outlets are more recommendable or have more varieties?


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      reviving this thread a little....

      any interesting shopping or places to look out for in San Francisco?
      where is the nearest factory outlet?

      is common premium outlet the only one?


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        I'm flying there in mid-June for 16 days for a holiday. Going with 3 other friends. Going to SFO, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA, Pacific Coastal Drive, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. We are taking domestic plane from SFO to Las Vegas to save some time. And the rest will be by driving. Already in the midst of booking hotels and entrance fees =) Very excited over the trip!!!

        For SFO, we are looking at Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman Wharf, Chinatown, Cable car ride, Alcartz Isle, Union Square. Shopping will be at SoMa or Union Square. We are only planning to stay there for 2-3 days.

        Flying by ANA as there was a promo during Natas period. Transit stop at Narita and flying into SFO. It costs a total of $1490 with taxes included. The timing for ANA is very good and we will waste minimal time in transiting at Narita.

        Anyone there during this period too?


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          hey missbean, i will be travelling in early june too! Will be covering SFO, LAX, LAS (should be driving to Grand Canyon) from LAS if we have the time and SO knows the way! Just to check, it is better to book tickets for Universal Studios and Disneyland in advance or buy when we are there? I've heard that it might be cheaper to get it via the website and I think they will mail the tickets over to SG.


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            Originally posted by bypasser View Post
            hey missbean, i will be travelling in early june too! Will be covering SFO, LAX, LAS (should be driving to Grand Canyon) from LAS if we have the time and SO knows the way! Just to check, it is better to book tickets for Universal Studios and Disneyland in advance or buy when we are there? I've heard that it might be cheaper to get it via the website and I think they will mail the tickets over to SG.
            Hi bypasser,

            Our ruote is very similar =) Maybe we can exchange route plans! We are also driving from Grand Canyon to LA area (Anaheim). This would be one of the most enduring drive! Have you thought of any place along the way to stop over during this route?

            How long will you be there? 2 of my friends have already booked the tickets online for Disneyland as they do not want to queue up on the day. But tts not much cheaper to buy online for DIsneyland. Definetely it is more convinent. My SO and I planned to skip Disneyland and will be visiting the Griffith Observatory and The Getty (my friend whose staying in LA recommended me this place). We are not the Disneyland persion..heheee...
            We are plannig to stay in Anaheim for 2 nights as it will make my other 2 friends more convinence to visit Disneyland.Then we will move on to LA. Found a cheap and good hostel on Melrose Ave to stay. Only USD$99 for 4 persons! Let me know if you want the details.

            But we are definetly going Universal Studios. There are many types of tickets available for Universal Studio. We are still deciding which type to buy. Go to to download a set of coupons to use. There's Disneyland pass and Universal Studio pass there. USD$8 off adult ticket for Universal Studio!

            Good luck!


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              hi missbean,
              ya, sure. we can share our route plans..have you done up yours? my SO is planning the route, i am not street smart so can't help him..heee..btw, are you guys converting your driving license to international license? i heard its good to do so esp if we are driving long distance..but my gfs who drove from SF-LA-LV-SF didnt convert at all..what do you think?

              thanks for sharing the website to get the tickets for universal studios! just to check, are the tickets booked from cafunspots giving out online tickets or mail to your home? my gf got hers directly form the official universal studios website..


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                Hi Luvfriday and all,

                We've checked that its not necessary to convert to international driving license unless u are going to stay there for more than 6months. Singapore license is fine to rent and drive the car there.

                Yes, we have managed to draw out our plans and booked the hotels.Phew! We are on budget for hotels (as we felt that we only spend a few hours sleeping) so most of the hotels that we have booked are less than USD$150 per night (taxes inclusive) with quad sharing =) Las Vegas hotel is the one of cheapest so far ~USD$32.20/nite twin sharing! We have chosen a hotel that is On the Strip. Book early for your Las Vegas hotel as it gets sold out very fast (according to my friend frequent LV. He's staying in LA). When we search for hotel, we also looked out for Free Parking provided by the hotel. We have checked that in cities like LA and SFO, the parking fees are very hefty! ~USD$30 for 15-24hrs!

                You could download directly from the website for the coupons. Its in pdf format. Print out and can be used for Universal Studios. =)

                Hope that these are helpful.


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                  Hi cotters,

                  Since my trip is nearing, I am making a list of must-buys from US,especially cosmetics!!! I have heard of Smashbox, Urban Decay & Sephora. I've seen sephora's website..the eyeshadow palettes are pretty! Are these eyeshadows usually pigmented like MAC and Shu? Is MAC cheaper there?


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                    hey gals! i'll be heading to LA -> San Diego to visit my SO's sister and family, still thinking whether i should go to Disneyland... =) let me know how it is ok? thanks!


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                      If u would like to find cheap AF, go to the ontario mills outlet. They hv both AF adults and kids. Here's the link.
                      As for outlets wise, go to Premium outlets. They hv most of the brands and nicer clothings compared to the other outlets.


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                        hi cotters
                        do we need to have biometric passports for entry into the States? my current passport comes with a digital pic of me but i dont think it's biometric. any idea? TIA


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                          i heard that nine west shoes are cheap in the states. how much cheaper?


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                            have anyone booked "1-Day Pass PLUS Free Shuttle from Anaheim" Universal Studios Hollywood tickets? What is the latest time the bus will pick u back to the hotel? Will alot of time be wasted picking up other passengers? TIA


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                              factory outlet does not carry new design for coach n seldom u can find their signature bag ther.e more of those leather coach bag. for signature bag n latest design wil be in their boutique in shopping centre( macy). but stil its cheaper when compared to singapore. sames goes to ralph lauren..bebe..tommy..all this are cheap at the FOS.=) nike n adidas too!!!!

                              i went there last mth for 2 weeks. travelling down south all the way frm SFO LA LV. pass by those small towns too=)universal studio was veri veri fun but the admission ticket was bout 96 sing dollar.. ex eh....

                              theres a veri big forum shoppin centre at LV. alot of branded gds there. louis vuitton n gucci there are onli slightly cheaper than singapore. coach are cheaper over there. i bought a signature stripe pouch for 150 which orginal price in spore is 365( at the time when i bought dis bag at the boutique in SFO there 25% discount storewide!!!).ther rest i bought at coach boutique in LV forum shoppin centre discount T.T .. bought a large signature gallery bag at S$650 and a large hampton weekend scramble demi at S$430 stil cheap compare to sing...for pricing u can check out the price there is exactly the same in US.

                              i went we my family n my family frens... we did not join any tour agency or any tour package..we drove on our own!! for accomodations u all do not have to worry becasue theres motel everywhere!!! but the food there are very expensive..imagine a bowl of wanton mee is like 12 bucks sing!!!! n the long john silver there 1 set is bout 14 bucks sing!! but of cos the portion is bigger... we went to many places n even when to 17 miles! taking a look at the pebble beach n even saw dolphins at the pacific ocean!! when we were at grand canyon we saw rainbows!! n we even saw mini twister when we were driving along the highway on our way back frm grandcanyon to a small town, william arizona for staying over before we went back LV. most of the hotel at LV has casino n theres no dress code there like those in genting.
                              oyah... FOSSIL there is really cheap !! i saw a fossil philipstarck watch singapore sell 198 .. US sell bout 30 sing dollar *faint* same goes to there fossil bag. =D be prepare to go shop like crazy k girls!!! hehh
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                                Still not too hot in San Fran. in June.

                                Australia's airport tax is so high. Turns me off when I see that. Like as if they dont want tourist to go....

                                Plus the US dollar is not too high now.