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    hi fellow CA travellers wanna be

    I heard this Cabazon outlet is quite interesting to check. However it's a bit far from LA. I am also looking around to find the public transport there.

    As for Vegas, if I am not wrong, there are 3 outlets, one of them is the 'chain' FO from premium outlets.
    my friend took a bus along the strip to go to the outlets. It cost $5 for a day, ticket can be bought on board


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      Originally posted by fallen-angelz View Post
      The Grove is in LA and a shopping mall! I'm saw that there is a VS outlet.
      I'm also looking for recommended shopping areas that are easy to travel to (as we are not driving) for a whole day free for shopping!

      Any recommendations of which outlet to visit for Juicy Couture, Old Navy and American Eagles? Are sports brands like Nike and Adidas more expensive than our collection here? Thanks in advance!
      I think ON and AE outlets can be found almost any of the "chain" outlet strips across California. But you'll never find Juicy or any of the "designer" labels in there. For that you have to go to Neiman Marcus Last Call, Macys or Nordstrom clearance sections... last winter they were having massive clearance on 7FAM jeans from way past seasons... and I *always* see lots of Juicy on clearance at NM Last Call.


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        where are NM last call in LA and SF area?


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          Originally posted by brumeux View Post
          where are NM last call in LA and SF area?
          ehhm... from what I remember, the only Last Call in SFO is in the Bay Area, I think it is in "Great Mall of the Bay". Bay Area is where the Yahoo and Intel HQs are... about 40-50 miles south of Downtown SFO. Don't know if hotels will provide shuttle bus service, coz I usually rent a car when I'm in SFO.


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            helplah, thanks for the name!
            i googled and found out that it's just 10 mins drive from San Jose
            and I'll be staying there during the trip


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              Someone rec grandtours, and I was thinking of going with them. Any reviews of this?



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                there is this ATITOUR which provides land tour.
                however we won't be able to contact them as they only sell the service to travel agencies. i tried to google, but not much info from the website (need to login and i think it's for agencies)


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                  @brumeux: you're welcome =)

                  @ anyone else interested

                  No high-end names here but the stuff they got is generally quite good and really substantially cheaper.

                  Check with your hotel concierge if they have shuttle buses to the nearest center. If I'm not wrong I *think* Hilton chain will provide.


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                    kissesfrombeigi,my friend recommended gotobus .
                    this is a chinese operated tour agency, pricing is quite competitive.
                    however the tour guide may conduct the tour in chinese/dialect if most of the tour participants are chinese.
                    her tour was 90% of chinese and the tour guide conducted the tour in chinese/hokkian the whole trip.

                    see if it's suitable for your case.


                    • anyone will be traveling to LA in mid June?
                      now i am left alone, not too sure if should just do solo travelling in LA.
                      anyone did solo in LA?


                      • for whoever's lucky enough to be in the states then ( not me )


                        • this is the outlet I went to while in Vegas:

                          and while in LA:

                          I much prefer the one in Vegas, maybe because it's also the 1st outlet I went to. It's accessible as well, driving only takes 15 min if i remember correctly. No point going too many outlets in my opinion. For the outlet in LA, I don't recommend going, it's too far and the drive there took 1hr plus due to a bad jam!


                          • @kissesfrombeigi: 50% off "select" items valid until 18/5. 20% off >$100 valid 27/4 - 11/5 but you have to visit their VIP area to print the coupon. Make sure you select the right center you're gonna visit 'coz that thing will print with the logo of the center you select, and you can only use it at that particular center.

                            @brumeux: if you've been to LA I don't recommend going back there... once is enough. The shopping there isn't that great anymore... Las Vegas was better. I feel that there's nothing much to see in LA except maybe Disneyland.


                            • helplah : never been to LA before.
                              i will skip Disneyland should i go there, since will be solo.
                              Now focusing more on SF area

                              have been browsing thru Fodors, Virtualtourist, lonelyplanet and now i am

                              to go in June but have yet to finalise the itinerary and book anything


                              • hi, im planning for my trip to LA,LV,SFO as well in late may...

                                considering taking the land tour from Uobtravelplanners @ $1188 (10D9N) and the 1for1 northwest promo airfare offered at $1799 (before taxes & surcharges)

                                anyone taken this package before? any comments are welcome..

                                is alcatraz a must go, my itinerary does not cover that...