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    Comparing Avenue 8 photographers, Andrew Choi, Studio D'Fia by Kim and Chris Ling, which one will you choose and why?

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    personally here's my view for the 3 of them.

    Andrew's photo - very natural and very professional attitude

    Chris - very jovial and extremely chatty and friendly. There's always a certain signature of his that will shows in all his wedding couples photos and you will know immediately it's his style....I used him anyway

    Kim is very famous for his black and white photos, man of a few words though! If you looking for a easy to talk to photographer he might not be the one!


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      i see. Do you have any website i can see your photos by Chris? Did Chris personally take the photos for you or is it another photographer?
      My friend also did ask for Chris personally but he's always fully booked. In the end, she used Kelvin.
      How about Kim from Studio D'fia?.. any reviews?