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    My storeroom is packed with junks, I need to get storage rack to get organised. Where can I find those metal rack with wooden planks, besides ikea ? Is custom-made cheap?

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    i'm facing the same problem as you.
    just yest. received a little brochure at my door ....

    for a rectangular rack
    54"(L)x20"(W)x72"(H) cost about $130
    48"(L)x20"(W)x72"(H) cost about $110

    L shape
    48"(L)x20"(W)x72"(H) plus 48"(L)x20"(W) cost about $150

    not sure if its expensive or reasonable...


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      Hi Tulips,
      Are they metal poles with wooden planks? Seems quite reasonable. Can I have the contacts? I'm trying to search yellow pages for other source to compare.

      I hate to see the storeroom now, and worst non of the things are mine, can't even step in to take find things.


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        hi here's the contact ....
        ALAN -> HP:91823219
        i have yet to make a call to enquire further...if u did let me know of the service.....etc.

        i'm also not sure what material its made of. from the picture, it seems like metal poles...can't make out if its wooden planks or metal ones..

        colors availabe stated there are "white", "brown" and "grey"

        just yesterday went to ikea to check out their storage racks...
        went to 'test' one of the set up ones...oh boy it is so it will topple anytime....
        i guess i will go for those metal ones! more sturdy!

        my storeroom is also in a mess. i can barely even see the floor surface when i stepped in....


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          Hi Tulips,
          Thanks, I will ask my hubby to contact Alan and check out the racks. I also went Ikea on sat to check the racks. Agreed they are so flimsy, I just shake it gently and it seems so light weight.
          I also check out the hardware shop but they didn't get back to us on the price yet. If you have other pricing, pls share it with me.


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            My hubby already met Alan this morning and confirm the rack. We are doing L-shape rack and it cost $220. It's metal pole with wooden board, can carry about 100kgs. For the size, I will go back and check out. Alan will fixed up the rack tomorrow. Very fast, right? Can't wait to get it done.


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              hey that's great! yah u are fast!
              for your L-shape, what is the dimension?
              is the price nett? inclusive of installation etc?


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                mayne_berlin, can put up a pic after the rack is done?


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                  Hi Tulips,
                  so sorry to reply late. Was busy repacking my store over the week.

                  The rack dimension is 72"(H) x 48"(L) x 22" (W) plus 48" (L) x 22" (W), we choose white coated paint metal rack and added 10mm thick wooden plank. If you choose without white coated paint and thicker plank, it cost about $190. So now we pay $240 nett, inclusive installation.

                  Hi princessy,
                  I've taken a few pic, but forgot to bring my CF card, I will post it asap.

                  BTW, I've changed my nick to "bomy"


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                    bomy, just the pics whenever you are available


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                      Hi princessy,

                      Sorry but how do I load the pic here.
                      I used attachment but it seems that it has exceeded my quota.
                      Did not know to use the function 'insert image'


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                        Here's 1 of the pix.


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                          Another view,
                          Attached Files


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                            bomy, thanks for the pics. Is the rack stable? Wonder whether they can do it like a wardrobe?


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                              The rack can hold up to 100kgs. Are you going to convert it as a walk-in wardrobe kinda of concept?