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    Has anyone travelled using KLM? I prefer SIA but KLM is so much cheaper for the long haul travel.

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    I went on KLM from S?pore to Newcastle International Airport in UK, transit at Amsterdam.

    It really gotta do with what your concern is. If you are on a tight budget, then do go for it. But if money is not such a BIG concern, go for SIA which gives you better legroom, krisflyer comfort etc.

    KLM is still bearable to me, even though journey is more than 10hours. Cos I always request for aisle seats when I fly, as it?s more convenient for toilet breaks. LoL! Airline crew is friendly and no double standard (at least to me) even though you are asian. Food is so-so, more memorable food I?m served during the long haul flight ? Nissan cup noodles (seafood flavour)!!! I almost fainted when I woke up seeing this. The rest are still bearable.


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      Nissin CUP NOODLES!!!!!! My god!!!!

      Does KLM has inflight entertainment system???


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        not that i know of in the economy section, they just have TVs up there, playing Mr Bean. For me, inflight entertainment is not such an important criteria in long haul flight, all I want is zzzzzzz and to get to my destination with no hipcups. Cos usually I have my eye plugs on cos the engine can get really noisy. My SO says I?m amazing cos I can sleep everywhere, even in with minimal legroom.

        Only SIA has personal inflight entertainment system aka krisflyer. Some of my friends take only SIA. I?m not fussy, I just wanna get to my destination quick.

        Some airlines even make you pay for the headsets too.


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          If price is not a concern, definitely take SIA.
          I took Qantas/British Airways to Europe. Service was OK. Met a steward from Singapore and got extra chocolate since he thought I am from singapore.
          I also make sure I will be sleeping through out the Journey as to beat jetlag.
          So not much impact on big or small leg room.

          KLM is cheap, my experience flying to Jakarta.. I don't really like it. If not for the price, I won't fly with KLM. Meal to jakarta? 1 small cold sandwich in a small burger kind of bread. :roll: And it's COLD :Doh:
          And they are strict with baggage allowance