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  • Pretty Woman Ch8

    Does anyone actually watch this show? Caught a snippet of it where they were testing foundations on women. I cannot believe how much foundation these women used! Their skin wasn't perfect to begin with, and all they were doing was piling it on. Then there was advice from Kim Ng telling people not to use foundation with active breakouts. Hello? What were they doing closeups on these women for when they were applying foundation? I hope Ch8 comes up with better shows. This just doesn't cut it. The clothes they get Fiona Xie and Kim Ng to parade around in don't suit them at all. Seriously.

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    on another note... i caught the showcase of 2 local jewellery designers with their wares... and i must say both are good! one of them is this malay lady who creates pendents and jewelled eggs from your normal egg shells and tonnes of beads! the work involved is so intricate! also the other designer showcased makes quite nice boho chunky necklaces... i guess this is the good side of this show


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      I agree!! The show just ended! Yeap one of the women squeezed out a whole dallop of clinique foundation!! I am using the same foundation and I don't sqeeuze out so much!! I think the amt she squeezed out is enough for me for one whole week!