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    Thought I'd pre-empt the sales surge:

    Basically it's a good filtration system, which is why the water tastes better, but there is no scientific basis for the ionization or alkalization of the water, or any of the health benefits. There are cheaper filters out there which do the job. Singapore's tap water is safe to drink but not the best-tasting, being used to distilled water myself.

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    My mum bought it at around $1600( I think so). Is quite a hardcore system and the small tap really get on your nerves when you're thirsty. Mum use it to wash veggie and sometimes for drinking. I heard is much cheaper to get from Malaysia.


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      I think it's a total rip-off, so I'd inform people about the claims before they buy it. No doubt it's a good filter, but it only costs a fraction of what it's retailing for. If you want to go hardcore on pure water, reverse osmosis is the way to go, not just plain filtration. All the health benefits that come with the claims on their website are just pseudoscience made to look legit. That are not based on true scientific research. Very misleading.
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        If only I read this thread earlier...I just installed Diamond Energy Water System this morning! Will see if any of the claims / benefits come true during the 90-day trial. If not, I'm gonna return it and get my money back!

        Anyone has Diamond installed in their homes too?


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          I have this at home. The water does taste 'sweeter'. The strange thing is that the diamond water alter the taste of my lemonade( powder form). It became sweeter rather than sour. Benefits wise, really not too sure. Is very expensive and you have to chance some filter thingy every year or two. Mum did not change it this year though. How much did you get yours?


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            There's a promotion / trial going on. I'm paying $1680 over 12 months via credit card. After the 90-day trial, I can opt to keep it or return to them and get my money back.


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              What 's this filter thingy that got to chance yearly? How much and where to get it? Mum don't really bother with it anymore so I might just help her to change the filter for her.


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                My relative's house has one and i personally do not find any difference between drinking this and distilled water.

                But my relative did say that vegetables and fruits washed using the diamond water taste sweeter and the filter turned real dirty after awhile. Which just show how dirty our tap water can be.


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                  I think tap water is definitely not 100% clean, having to pass through the water pipes (which I really can't say are CLEAN)... And I hate to imagine the grime and gross stuff in the water pipes, so I just don't think too much abt it...

                  I think the Diamond Energy system should be a good filter, but then it could be over-priced because of all the supposed health benefits it's giving. I don't really buy into the health benefits thing, but then I do not doubt it's a good filiter, cos I saw how dirty the filter is after a while.. There are other tap filters in the market, but then I suppose there's no way of comparing the filtering performance?

                  When I was young, my mum used to buy these cloth and spong-like filters for the tap and those got dirty too, so the tap water is definitely not 100% clean, although it is safe for drinking.. Personally I find that tap water has a unpleasant taste, and I only drink it boiled, never straight from the tap..

                  I am looking at some tap filters in the market eg Osim and this Diamond Energy water, but at the moment the Diamond one is too expensive for my budget


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                    i installed the diamond water system for about 4 months already... i think it helps a bit for my acne, cause my face has slightly improved, though i dun use it to wash face.. my cousin's kid who had "ezema" (don't know hot to spell, it's something like rashes) and she uses diamond water to bathe for him, now he don't have those rashes anymore, so my cousin who is a vain-queen purchased the system to use as bathing water.. but i have to agree that the flow from the tap is really slow... need to wait for like 1 minute to fill up my 1.5 litre bottle...


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                      Anyone knows how much is the OSIM one? I think it is called Hydroclear. Thanks in advance.


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