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1 bedder @ TMC - hospital bill?

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  • 1 bedder @ TMC - hospital bill?


    Anyone stayed in 1 bedder @ TMC recently? May I know what's your hospital bill was after deducting Medisave?

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    I had but that was like 5/6 yrs ago... can't remember the fees now. Also it depends on the kind of delivery you have which also affect your bill size

    Anyway you can refer to their Maternity pkg at their website:


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      I cannot remember now but I had their standard 3D2N package costing 1k+


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        i gave birth last year in May. Admitted on wed morning and discharged on Sunday morning (1 day extra for c-section and 1 extra day due to my baby's jaundice).

        Single bed + husband staying with me throughout = $6K (almost half of the total bill is paid by medisave)


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          A friend told me that we can save some money by opting for a four-bedder first and sometimes, you can get a free upgrade to 2-bedder if their 4s are full. If they don't offer you the free upgrade, then you can request for an upgrade to 2-bedder and pay the difference.

          Anyone tried that before? But my hubby was wondering what if the 2 bedders are full and in the end you end up without a 2-bedder?'s not really the money but I'm just wondering if it is indeed necessary to stay in a 1-bedder? No point paying extra...


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            Digged out my old bills for this reply

            My 1st baby :

            Total was $9261.78 after discount

            After deducting Medisave, we paid $2512

            That was because i stayed in the hospital for a total of 10 days due to baby's jaundice. An amount of $1120 has been discounted on goodwill by the Nursing Director.

            My 2nd baby:

            Total was $2705.46

            After Medisave, we paid $1655.45

            Stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. Baby was good, no jaundice etc. So no extra medical expenses eg: phototherapy, bilirubin etc.

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              Would like all cozy mom to be to take note of this... I have recently paid for my hospital estimated bills of $2600.. where 1050 is under medisave... But meaning I need to fork out $1.5k more! Wad I heard from my other friends were that, they have paid less than 1k at Gleneagles, Mount Alvernia and Thomson medical.. I'm not sure does my bill size got to do with I had chosen the premium package a not. But it's certainly not worth it. I have made a mistake by signing up for the premium antenatal package where I cant go for the classic plan delivery now. So those intending to sign up at KKH, do take note. Doesnt seems like it's still the cheapest for now..


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                any cotters stayed in 1 bedder at Gleneagles Hospital? May I know what's your hospital bill was after deducting Medisave?