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Bridal Boutiques for Plus-sizes?

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  • Bridal Boutiques for Plus-sizes?

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    I think there's one shop call Allure Charix(sp)..something like that where they've off-the-rack clothing for big sizes. The other alternative would be go for custom-made.


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      i am a size US14-16 about UK 16-18 Santiago had stuff for me, not limited either, some even needed thighening. Ask her to try to lose weight now as many nice designs are off shoulders i think & big arms will make any bride sad.

      For her hubby try Kingsmen tailors its about $500-600 starting prices for suits & we chose some better cloth as my hubby will be reusing it for work (our design normal work style - just play aorund with the shirt colour & tie if you want a difference yet dont want to spend on say a china collar just for 1-2 times wearing). A better cloth, suit jacket with 2 pants, 1 tailored shirt cost us about $900. this was with the GSS sale 10% off

      Alot of bridal shops have this make to measure espeicllay the bridal gown pc - you can read up books/mags & see a few of their designs then design your own with the bridal stylist's advice of what's suitable for her. they can even camoflage your shoulders nicely even if they are big.

      but go early, if you want MTM start at least 9 mths or before your expected wedding photo shoots - rushing them means one has to pay more & maybe make do with a simplier design.

      if they are feeling rich, Ted Wu's designs are not bad for the lady & also the WHite link & irene creations. Raffles tailors no frills pricing (no discounts ok as they are really top notch) entry level cloths suits $800 vest another $250-300, but really nice cutting & i only recommend if you have a wierd body proporation like very tall, or very fat or you have bulky muscles - etc who need a tailor for a better cut. Kingsmen was ok enough for me as i did not want to spend more as for a wedding we are already spending so much. we however did nto settle for Kingsmen as we were wanting only to pay $400 for a suit, we upgraded instead when we were greeted with Kingsmen's friendly & good service & the cutting of the suits were above our expectation too .
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