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  • Makan Holiday

    Anyone been on a "food tour?"

    My bf and I are interested in going all out for a makan holiday.. but can't seem to find anything in the newspaper or from Misa/Zuji.

    We were hoping to find tour packages aimed squarely at gluttons like ourselves. We are less interested in visiting scenic locations and theme parks..

    I guess it would be a free n easy tour but with gourmet eating thrown in. Budget and location are flexible.

    Tks gals!

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    Hi Kissesfrombeigi,

    The photos are very nice and good explanation too.

    May i know the total $ you spent for the Taiwan trip?


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      Thanks! Very mouthhwatering pictures indeed!

      Managed to find a 6D/5N Gourmet tour to Shenzhen/Guangzhou from Chan Brothers.
      Actually one of our intended prospects was Taiwan but we couldn't find any food Tours to there.


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        superbum: Dont think there's a need for a food tour for Taiwan. SO & I are planning for a sort of Shopping cum Food tour @ Taipei. We'll just walk and eat and shop and eat