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Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

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  • Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

    Hi All,

    The infamous xiao long bao from Shanghai has come to Singapore. Go try it and see whether its a good as the shanghai branch.

    Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
    #02-53 Parco Bugis Junction.
    Tel: 6835 7577

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    Oh, had dinner there last Friday. Ordered the 8 treasure spicy noodle, Shanghai Fried noodle, steamed pork& veg. buns and the steamed crab&pork buns for 2 pax.

    Food was decent and the service so-so. Imho, Crystal Jade is so much better in terms of food quality and value for money.

    Also take note that they charge $2 per person for the towel and Chinese tea.


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      only been to the authentic one in Shanghai. The queue is long but worth it. I don't take meat, just eat the dumpling skin and slurp in the soap in.

      Passed by the Bugis outlet, not in the mood to eat anything chinese, so didn't go in.


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        The skin of the xiao long bao there is thicker therefore, it will not break and waste the juice in the bun before it reaches your mouth. But i do find their menu has not much dishes and the xiao long bao a little pricey.

        I would prefer crystal jade xiao long bao anytime.


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          Was there a few months ago.

          We ordered a few items and everything came after abt 15 mins.
          Except the xiaolong bao.

          We waited at the table, all the food that we hav ordered has been eaten. In between we checked with different waiters at least 5 times. They kept telling us, its coming. Even talked to the manager, and I saw him going into the kitchen. But when he left the kitchen he just went straight to the front counter, and we were not told what the status was. We looked around the restaurant, it was quite full, but didnt seemed to be that busy.

          1 hour later, could not take it anymore. We just walked out, of course after making the payment.

          They probably forgot our order, but didnt even offer to explain. Customer service was SO BAD!

          Wasted 1 night of my precious time. So hungry, that I had to eat Mos Burgers after that.



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            i actually thought the xiaolongbaos were great, and service wasn't too bad. as in, i didn't have any bad experiences. but i think the big xiaolongbao is a rip-off, i mean, the soup is nice and everything, but i'd rather order more small ones.
            i've never been to shanghai, much less that restaurant, so i can't compare


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              I have been the original one in Shanghai. Don't really find it nice. Feel it to be a bit oily. Have yet to try the one in Singapore. But according to my friend, she find it s-so only.


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                I had a bad experience there too. I went with a friend late-ish (~ 9 pm). The restaurant was not crowded but think there were some foreigners. The wait-staff were all hovering around the tourists' table. We had to try really hard to get their attention to place orders. The waiter who took our order repeated our order but got one dish wrong. When we corrected him, he shouted "YAH *** That's what I said ***"

                By then, we were already rather pissed , but so hungry, so we put up with it. But the dishes took SO LONG to get to our table... I think we waited for at least 20 minutes for one dish to make its appearance. The wait staff were either talking to other customers or among themselves. Very un-professional kind of service standard. Can't seem to get anybody's attention when we want more tea or to follow-up on our orders. Think my friend had to go for BK or Mac's after eating there.

                I'm not going back ever. I'd rather go Ding Tai Feng or Crystal Jade.


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                  i like the soup in the xiao long bao.. it has some chinese herbs taste..
                  and i personally like the thick skin


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                    better than Ding tai feng??


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                      Deng Tai Feng is from taiwan and it is voted as 1 of the best top 10 restaurants in the world, as for nanxiang is from shanghai.

                      me prefer deng tai feng, i love their chicken soup!!


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                        I went on a Friday evening and the seating arrangement was so packed and tight.
                        Makes me feel like i am sitting in my primary school tuckshop with my classmates side by side eating our food. I can practically hear everything in the conversation of the other table next to us. The distance between our tables is just 5cm or so. No joking !!!

                        Food wise, i think they stick very closely to the Shanghainess authetic flavour which some Singaporeans might not take too well to. I find their Xiao Long Baos refreshing with a lighter flavouring as compared to CJ and DTF. On the whole, not too bad but i would probably avoid going during their peak hours.


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                          i went today
                          the food isn't good @ all
                          the shanghai fry noodles was so oily
                          the xiao long bao... not that nice
                          the tang bao was a disappointment


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                            Don't try the fried noodles or the Shanghai Nian Gao!
                            Fried noodles is practically just fried noodles w/o much ingredients.
                            Shanghai Nian Gao is in soup instead of fried and the texture is hard and not Q.
                            Other words: Not freshly made kind.
                            Rather like those which is sold dry in supermarts and required to soak for 2 days before cooking.


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                              won't step in again even if its free
                              not worth the amount spent