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  • A Cafe For Mum and the Kids

    Do you have a problem looking for a place to eat / dine with your girll pal while your kids gets to have fun and being entertained? Or do you have a place where you can recommend me?

    What will you expect from a cafe that serve both mum and the kids?

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    I would say that depends on the kids age.

    Young babies are still not so bad to be taken out to have a cuppa. They would still sit still or lying in the pusher. Give them a bit of nibbles and they'll be contented.

    Those 1+ turning terrible 2 are the worst, well; mine is!!! They don't sit still in almost anywhere, pusher or highchair. They may not be contented even with some nibbles, they want whatever fork, knife, spoon, chopstick, plate, bowl, salt & pepper shaker.... whatever the adults are using they want exactly the same; not that they will use any of them! They may also prefer to feed themselves and often end up and huge mess.... (sigh!!! pretty embaressing). And they can't quite play at the play pan with other more grown up kids alone by themselves as they may be easily knock over.
    All in all, they have to be minded often for whatever they're doing! But at this age, they will reject a stranger to mind them.

    I find it's more managable taking a 3 and above child to go out for cuppa.

    But I guess in general, I prefer a spaces place where I can easily steer and house my pusher. A cubible like dinning area if I breast feed (more privacy). A play pan like some MacDonalds already have but for different age group kiddos. An attendant to watch over kids who are playing at the play pan.


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      So do you think it is reasonable for them to charge a higher price on the food for such place that provide such service? Take for example Taka, it is a great shopping place but definitely not a kid place, you would love to shop there but you know your kid is not getting their fun there.


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        I don't know what kind of higher price is reasonable really. What is the benchmark? Compare to hotel's cafe restaurant pricing or the so-called family restaurant/fast food chain like Mac Donalds?

        Personally I think the pricing should be part and parcel of the business. To stay competitive if business, many business owners are willing to go an extra mile to attract customers. Think about what would make you different from the rest and how it can be maintained. Some business fail to survive when others become their copycat.


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          There is 2 places recommended in the ST for being family oriented I think one of the is Paulaners at Millenia (iirc) they offer baby-sitting while you are enjoying your dinner and what more the service is provided by a reputable playschool.


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            Sounds like you are describing my children ! If we go out with both of them, the adults have to take turns to eat, so that one of us can look after them.

            Dear Wanda,
            The Four Seasons Hotel have a Sunday Brunch, where they have a play room for children, which includes a free kids buffet. If the child is 5 - 6 years old you can leave them there. But if the child is too small you still need an adult to stay with her.


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              Just saw on Zoe Tay's mummy show about this place at United Square called Globe Trotters. There is a play area with little tikes equipment and other toys for kids to play plus a children's bar counter.
              Looks like a place my girl will love. But a little apprehensive because there are also kids who are older running around who might stomp over her

              Will try it out one day though.. looks interesting.


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                Marche at the Heeren is not too bad for older kids - they can play at the indoor playground while parents eat. Ikea too, with its ball area, gives parents an hour's break!


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                  i went to globe trotters the other day for dinner with my kids and hubby. the food is lousy, the service even lousier and mind you the prices aren't exactly cheap! but the plus is the kids' have a special playroom complete with play ground equipment inside to keep them occupied. the downside is they are too busy and caught up wtih playing and they don't want to eat! and the food is not great.


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                    yes, i agree with babybaby. the food is not fantastic. the service is super duper lousy. we asked for water 3 times till we have finished out food and out water still not here yet.


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                      i went there with a friend few weeks back. had the set lunch that was 9.90. not fantastic but given that we spent the next hour in the playroom with the babies who had loads of fun, it was more value for money then if we went to a paid playgym like gymboree for 8 bucks.

                      it's a good place for mothers with toddlers probably not kids who are more likely to run around instead of eating and the timing matters. we went on a weekday so service was attentive enough because there were very few customers