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How to look shorter?

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  • How to look shorter?

    Hi girls,

    Don't think this has been discussed before.

    How can I look shorter w/o making myself look fatter? I'm 172cm and I'm pudgy, so I'm really looking like some giant. If I were slim, I wouldn't mind being of this height.

    I really really wish to look shorter than I really am. Besides wearing flats, is there anything else I can do to pull myself closer down to the ground?

    I'm sick of being envious of girls who have my ideal height aka 163cm -165cm.

    I'm tired of sticking out like a sore thumb.

    Thanks my dear s.


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    Not sure if i could advice anything about making yrself look shorter, cos it seems hardly possible in the absolute sense. But u could try to create illusion of being less tall by wearing clothes that dun draw attention to yr height, such as longer tops (so yr legs dun look so long) or 3/4 pants..

    Try not to feel sad abt yr height or envious of other gals. Why not try to use yr height to yr advantage, like wearing certain kinda clothings that shorter gals can't wear (like the above), or a nice dress (tt suits tall gals). Taller gals tend to attract more attention than average height gals, so work this towards yr advantage by dressing funky clothings, and being confident. The key is to feel attractive, and not feel like u're 'sticking out like a sore thumb'. For more ideas flip thru magazines and see how tall celebs (not necessarily thin ones) dress and carry themselves. For starters, check out Mandy Moore, who's tall (173cm) and now, not exactly skinny.



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      Hiya tien,

      You definitely do *not* stick out like a sore thumb! I'm 1.62m, and have to resort to wearing heels all the time so I'll look taller (despite getting aching legs). In fact, I've always wanted your height! *envy envy*

      For clothes, I feel that tunic tops will look good on you (somehow, shorter girls can't carry this look well, probably due to shorter torsos). Capris will also look good on you, since you probably have long legs too!

      As mentioned... it's confidence that maketh a person and will enable you to carry yourself well.


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        lol. Thanks aplenty for the advice!

        I actually do not mind being tall if my bones weren't so huge and i weren't so plump AND if people in this day and age can be slightly taller than they are now.. But it's really sad, when I feel all glam in heels, step into the train cabin, look around and find that my head is popping out of the crowd. ): I'm even taller than most males out there! It's just weird. And sometimes, when I wanna go to town with the vertically challenged male friends, it gets kinda awkward for them.

        Sadly, contrary to the popular belief that tall people have long legs, I HAVE EXTREMELY SHORT LEGS! haha. Some of my friends who are of 1.6ish heights have longer legs than I do. My body is so long, It's just odd.

        I have tonnes of tunic tops, but It's only good to shield my 39 inch bum

        Other than that, they just shorten my legs even more. Hence, I end up looking unproportionate. Not model-esque. Which is really pretty sad.


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          oh man! i want to look taller!


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            hey deary!
            i'm in the same shoes as you,i wish i was shorter sometimes too and my bones are super duper BIG i kid you not but whatever it is,don't worry too much about it.Just be yourself and be confident.When you have achieved that,you wouldn't feel that bad anymore. Being confident helps a lot! trust me

            tip of the day,wear a belt when wearing jeans and ashoes with a little heel.they add height to your legs!


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              Im not as tall as you, only 1.66m. But I hope I can be shorter as well, 1.60m seems fine to me. I try to avoid high heel shoes most of the time.


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                Hey girl, you have no idea how much your height is wanted by most girls!! Such nice height!! Instead of trying to look shorter, just be confident of what you have!!! Seriously, Singaporean guys are short!! I myself is 168cm but my bf is 172cm. And i feel that i look taller than him

                I don't care being the odd one out in the crowd, as long as i feel good. Sometimes, i just wear 3" heels, and simply loved to stand beside guys shorter than me. Nyuk nyuk! Trust me!! Yr height is perfect!! Sometimes, it's only you who feel that you are big. I have another girlfriend who is 178cm.


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                  You need to feel proud on your height. I'm 1.61m & how I wish that I'm 1.7m Don't need to purposely make yourself look short. As we live for ourself not for others


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                    i am 1.7. To me the perfect height is about 1.65 for girls. i find myself too tall and catches unneccessary attention.. My SO aint that tall either. Hence i cant indulge in pretty heels!


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                      Gosh, i certainly wish i'm 168, currently at 162/163 i think. Would love having longer legs, even by an inch will do too!

                      Girls, if i were u, i would definitely make full use of my height, to wear short shorts, short skirts etc My hb lovessssssss tall girls and will always look twice at these girls Not that i mind that much though, coz i do the same too!


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                        Hee Hee... I'm a selfish person. I expect my the other party to like me for who I am. And I don't allow him to criticise me. That's a big NoNo... As I would make sure he regret what he said. My usual saying "I live for myself & not for others"


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                          Hey, I am standing at 172 also!! *High Five* However, I do not wish to be shorter. I only wish that I can be slimmer only!!! I understand how you feel. Many of my guy friends are shorter than me if not around my height. However I do not feel left out. My hubby is only 176 and I sometimes look taller than him when I wear about 2inch heels. My hubby is proud that he has a tall wife like me. I always tease him for being so "kar teh" .

                          Just be proud and feel good about yourself. When you get "unwanted" attention, it means you stands out of the crowd and you are attractive enough!! Isn't that good?

                          "kar teh" = short


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                            wow, many of you do have my ideal height! 162-165(optimum)

                            ange, drizzle and opilover ^5 too! haha. we're about the same height.

                            Sigh, I always see girls who are tall too, they all seem to be much skinnier than me!! They all have the model-like figures and can wear micros and shorts. I can't!!! Chunky thighs, huge bum, obscene tummy, flabby arms and every fat thingum under the sun! Even mom has started calling me fat. It's pretty depressing.

                            Worse of all, I have fat knees! Of so many girls I've seen, I've never come across more than 5% with knees as ugly as mine. My knees are sort of cellulite-ish? and blubber-ish. While others have nice meatless ones. So I always have to cover up by wearing pants. No nice denim minis for me! And I have a huge bum, I need to wear tunics to cover them but then, by wearing tunics, I make my already super long body look even longer, and my already short legs look shorter.

                            My body is


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                              Darlings, I can sooooo emphatise with you guys! Sometimes I just want to slink away into the shadows of the crowd on bad skin/hair/fat days and its just not very possible with my height of 173cm. And its further aggravated by heels I have to wear to work! Even the tiniest kitten heels I find will elevate me to apx 176cm. Not to mention those pretty ones out there (which I can't fit into by the way cos sg girls have such tiny feet it seems!)

                              I have long legs, which MIGHT seem like a good thing but they are so incredibly disproportionate to my body that my short body makes my waist seem thick! And its near impossible to find jeans in Singapore (save for Zara) cos they are just not long enough.

                              And Singaporean guys are just way toooooo short. Argh!