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Twitching / "Jumping" Eye

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  • Twitching / "Jumping" Eye

    I know that there is a different meaning when one side of your eye is "jumping". Someone told me one side is for bad luck (something bad going to happen to me) and another side is for something else.

    Can someone give some advise on this?

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    My mum told me just use your hand in the way of wipe the dirt out from your eye. Start from inside of your eye area to outside of your eye area. And meanwhile say this words "Good one come, bad one go away"

    I found it this is a way to console yourself not to think so much...



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      Hehe, cute interesting topic! =)

      I guess a more scientific way to explain this phenomenon of eyelid "jumping" is when one did not have enough sleep or a proper rest. Happened to me occasionally when I was up for the whole night trying to complete my assignments due the next day or mugging for exams when i was still in school.


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        i heard that there's a difference between 'jumping' on the left/right eye, bottom/top of the lids!
        not sure how true is that.

        but when u get that, u tend to be a little paranoid - so just be careful and ya! repeat those words... but i say them in chinese :X


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          You are right. I always gets a little paranoid when my eye jump! The worst is I do not know which side is for bad luck!


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            Now, my LEFT eye is jumping!

            What should I do!


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              personally for me.. well, i do think the eye lid 'jump' cos the eye is too strained.. but haha, still get a little paranoid though!

              noticed that whenever my left eyelid 'jump', something good happens.. when my right eyelid 'jump', sometimes something not so good happens.. but i think it's simply cos when my left eyelid 'jump', i subconsciously searched for good things that happened and link them to the 'jumping' of my left eyelid..

              so now when my left eyelid 'jump', i'd be looking out for good things that may be happening (puts me in a good mood too!) and when my right eyelid 'jump', i'll be more careful and alert.. which i think is a good thing too!

              but i'll also massaged my eye area and rest my eye for a short while so that it wont keep 'jumping'.. very distracting.. heh!


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                I wonder whether will anyone see it if my eye lip "jump", if they can see, it will be so funny


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                  BTW, it's "Twitching".

                  Found this:


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                    ***! So informative! :wow:

                    Between, I don't have "Botox injections", so this is out!


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                      Left eye twitching for a girl apparently means good luck.

                      Today my LEFT eye is "jumping" again :p


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                        really?? i thought is left bad right good... =p


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                          oh no........

                          now worst. left top jump and right bottom jump... what does that means?


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                            Few years back, my left eye twitched for a few days... turns out that the 4 digits I gave a colleague opened first prize 4D (in the exact order somemore!) but she didn't buy.. neither did I!


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                              how about the bottom of the eye? the area beneath the eye and above the cheek bone.
                              mine had been twitching for days.