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Singapore's retail trading hours during Christmas time

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  • Singapore's retail trading hours during Christmas time

    Visiting from the Cozy Cosmetica boards-would anyone know offhand what are Singapore's retail trading hours are like on Boxing Day (26 December)? I'll be waiting for my connecting flight which doesn't leave until 11pm and would like eat/shop outside the airport for a few hours.

    Thank you!

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    pretty safe as local retail hours end at 9.30pm or 10pm.

    why not let us know u need any specific items, some kind cotters here can offer to CP for u & meet you to pass them to u.


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      Thank you vernis! That's very helpful and kind of you


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        mett, no problem. Heeee...

        Some of us like me will be super free to do all the legwork. Hahaha...
        Some stores will re-open on Boxing day after the X'mas closure for Post-Christmas day sale!!!! Yipeee!!! Depending on what you are looking for, cosmetics offer may not be that great, maybe more attractive GWPs. Clothes sale will normally be good during this period.

        There's alway the cosmetics counters in the airport for you to have a crazy time. There's BB counter now, next to MAC and Stila, it's 2nd counter in airport after London Heathrow. I bet the pricing will be more competitive. There's SKII also among many others.

        Don't forget Ya Kun kaya toast and sock-brewed coffee, Bengawan Solo pandan cakes etc at the airport.


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          Vel-it's scary that you know my weaknesses so well!! Food and makeup!


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            You are not alone there. Those are my BIGGEST weakness too.

            But i know i'm safer than you are, at least i'm only crazy over eyeshadows, not so much on the rest.

            If time permits, we can always arrange for a meetup-cum-shopping-cum-pigging out session.


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              Hahahaha-I know I know..I am limiting myself to just eyeshadows and blushes now...collecting lipgloss & lipsticks scare me as some day they'll go bad.

              A meet up sounds fun!


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                pop your list, Vel knows who/where can get good deals. she'll never fail u, tested & proven


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                  Just an update on my situation

                  SO has agreed to meet me at Singapore where we will stay for 3 nights and then make our way down (or up!) to KL!! Yayayayayayayay!!!


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                    that's great news

                    then u can meet many pretty cotters plus an young auntie if time permits


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                      That sounds fab! But would it be ok to drag SO also? Btw, who is the pretty young auntie?


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                        wake up!! me ah, the young auntie

                        we can arrange as date gets closer


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                          Sorry auntie...hahahahaha sure that sounds fab!


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                            Well I've booked my hotel and we would be staying at Pan Pacific @ Marina Square. A question though, SO and I hawker style food, is there anything like that around Marina Square? Last time we were in Singapore, we stayed very very very close to Zion Road so we'd walk there to have dinner.


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                              if u have many Zing-Ka-Pore dollars, can walk to Glutton Square at Esplanade for expensive hawker fare

                              if not, can pop by nearby neighbourhoods for cheap choices, Chinatown, Tiong Bahru (!!! !!!), Bugis

                              Marina Square has been revamped, their new foodcourt boasts quite ok hawker fare now, can give a shot if not, Suntec's also all right if u don't want to travel far.